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Extension Today: Tomato Salsa and Street Corn

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Did you know that tomatoes are the second most commonly consumed vegetable in the United States?

The tomato is one of the most popular Ohio summer garden crops. And the varieties you may be growing at home are just a few of the 10,000 varieties grown worldwide!

Jenny Lobb and Tim McDermott, educators with OSU Extension, demonstrate how to make a quick and easy, tasty homemade tomato salsa with a few colorful fruits of your home-gardening labor! They also throw in a tasty recipe for "street corn" – with a delicious sauce to top off your grilled sweet corn. Tim and Jenny's tips and tricks were recorded in the demonstration kitchen at the Kunz-Brundige Extension Building at Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory on Ohio State’s main campus.


tomato salsa recipe 
Download a copy of the Tomato Salsa recipe for your home recipe collection.

recipe card - street corn
Download a copy of the Street Corn recipe for your home recipe collection.

We have several free fact sheets available on Ohioline to learn more about using, storing, and serving tomatoes and sweet corn on your table at home:

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Is it healthier to eat vegetables raw or cooked?.This Chow Line post says it depends on which vegetables you are talking about.

Watch this overview about Home Food Preservation, presented during a virtual Extension-hosted conference last year.

Did you know that tomatoes are rich in lycopene – an antioxydent that is good for the heart and effective against certain cancers? Tomatoes are also packed with vitamins A and C, calcium and potassium.

Did you know that corn is cholesterol-free? It’s a good source of vitamin C and A, potassium, thiamine and fiber; and it is very high in antioxidants.

Can Science Make Tomatoes Even Better for You? Find out what one scientist in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences is learning during a study backed by a national "New Innovator" award. Jessica Cooperstone and her research team are working to improve the nutritional quality of food crops, focusing on tomatoes which are economically and nutritionally important to the state of Ohio.

Dr. Cooperstone is an assistant professor in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, as well as the Department of Food Science and Technology.

Recent research at Ohio State also indicates that eating tomatoes can help at least lessen the risk of developing certain skin cancers. Learn more in this article – Ohio State Researchers: Eating Tomatoes May Protect Against Skin Cancer.

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Every year, the Reynoldsburg Tomato Festival celebrates everything tomato. You may have missed it this year, but check for more info online and mark your calendar for 2022!

Several cities in Ohio hold sweet corn festivals from mid-summer to early fall. Look up these links online and check out a sweet corn celebration near you!