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Extension Today: Staying Active Indoors

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Have you started thinking yet about your indoor exercise plan for this winter?
It's time to get your mind around moving indoors!

Staying active any time is important, but you might need to be more creative in choosing your activities in the fall and winter when the weather outside can be cold and rainy or snowy. You can use common household items for easy ways to get yourself moving indoors. Think step stools, stairs, light weights, bands, and small sliders….In this video, Tim McDermott, OSU Extension educator, gets some tips and tricks from Jenny Lobb and Misty Harmon, OSU Extension educator colleagues.

We have several free fact sheets available on Ohioline to learn more about moving with a purpose, practicing mindfulness, and being proactive about your weight and overall health plan. Now's the time to start strategizing!

Lifestyle choices are important to your overall health. Choosing to be physically fit and move is a major way to positively impact your life! It's also important to be mentally fit. One way to improve your mental health is to learn how to cope with stress more effectively. Let's be honest – we all get stressed, but we have different ways to cope with that stress. Learn more about Stress Coping Methods with the helpful insight via some of our OSU Extension family and consumer sciences pros.

Even though we may focus a little more on the issue in October for Mental Health Awareness Month, you can learn more about mental health and how to maintain or improve your own outlook on things anytime.

Get your kids moving too! Physical activity helps improve physical and mental health. Even kids should be exercising in some way every day. Get some quick tips on how to encourage the kids in your life to be Getting Active in the New Year.

Several of the Extension pros on our Live Healthy Live Well team have developed many resources to provide information about nutrition, fitness, and other wellness issues  helping all of us be more aware and adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Misty Harmon, the Extension family and consumer sciences educator who gives Tim some tips in the video above, wrote a blog post last year about making healthy adjustments in your activity, sleep, and other behaviors as the seasons change. Check out Misty's insight in this summary -- What's So Great About Fall Ya'll?

Misty also brings some thoughts to you about Beating the Winter Blues in another insightful post.

Our family and consumer sciences professionals bring to you Healthy Aging Telecasts that provides insight and resources on staying active, mental health and resiliency, and living a healthy life overall.