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Extension Today: Tailgate Burger Grilling

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Are you ready for some BBQ science?

Are you ready to grill a great hamburger? Start with these important "ingredients:" a hot, clean grill; well-prepped burger patties; safe food-handling techniques; and savory sandwich toppings. Learn how to make your next gathering a tasty success with some tailgate tips from our very own BBQ science expert, Mike Cressman, an assistant professor with the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.

So, is there really such a thing as BBQ science? Yes; and if you're a student at Ohio State, you can take the Bar-B-Que Science class that Dr. Cressman teaches in the Department of Animal Sciences. Students learn how to prepare various meat products, with proper cooking methods to produce wholesale and palatable products. Check out this previous Columbus Dispatch article about the class.

We have free fact sheets available on Ohioline to learn more about grilling food safely, as well as making your own BBQ and hot sauces to top your burgers or other meat on the grill:

There are many facets involved in meat production – harvesting retail cuts; making processed meat products like sausage, bratwurst, or jerky; quality assurance, facility inspection, equipment processes and handling. Ohio State's College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences has a Meat Science program for students, who learn about biology, physiology, and nutrition that drive animal growth and impact meal quality. Our Meat Science Teaching Lab is a fullying functioning and inspected meat processing facility. Meat science classes, internship experiences, and research take place on campus.

Dr. Lyda Garcia is an OSU Extension faculty member who specializes in meat science research and practical application. She is an associate professor in the CFAES Department of Animal Sciences. Dr. Garcia is the faculty advisor for the Meat Science Club and supervises the Meat Judging Team.

Garth Ruff is an Extension field specialist focusing on beef cattle. His Extension research and teaching focus on direct marketing of animal products, forage and field crop trials, and the OSU Extension Grill Smart program (a course looking at the science of great grilling).

Become a 4-H Grill Master
Grill Master project book cover
If you are a 4-H member, you can “study” grilling and move from grill apprentice to grill master! Learn how to safely use a grill while preparing delicious meals. With the activities and recipes in this project, you will learn about portion sizes, cooking meat to safe temperatures, and using gas and charcoal grill accessories.

LearnBeyond the Grill book cover More Beyond the Grill
Ohio 4-H members can also explore a variety of outdoor cooking skills – using a pie iron, solar cooker, or rotisserie, while finding easy ways to follow the USDA MyPlate guidelines.



Ohio 4-H members compete at the state fair! Check out these photos of 2021 Ohio State Fair winners!

Andrew Wuebker, clock trophy winner, Grill Master (senior) Andrew Wuebker, clock trophy winner, Grill Master (senior)
Drew Thomas, clock trophy winner, Beyond the Grill Drew Thomas, clock trophy winner, Beyond the Grill