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Did you know that about 30 percent of the food planted and harvested globally each year is never consumed?!

Food waste accounts for TONS of unused food and money thrown away each year! Learn how much of the food produced today around the world is never consumed, and how you can help prevent unnecessary food loss right in your own home. Brian Roe, a professor with the CFAES Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics, joins Jenny Lobb to discuss this global issue and bring the facts closer to home for all of us.

We have many free fact sheets available on Ohioline that can provide some tips and tricks for you to help improve food preservation and reduce food waste at home.

About 20 percent of landfill space is used for wasted food. Besides not taking up space in landfills, less food waste would make food prices go down, as we would use less land and fertilizer to produce this never-consumed food.

You can help! Start with some simple ways to avoid throwing away food:

  • Have a "fridge night" and make a meal from whatever is in your refrigerator. Get creative!
  • Shop your fridge first, before you go shopping.
  • Make a shopping list, so you don't buy food that you won't consume in a timely manner.
  • Store produce correctly so it lasts longer.
  • Check the date label while you're at the store, so you don't buy anything already expired or almost out-of-date.

Take A look at the ways CFAES is helping fight food waste, with efforts led by Brian Roe, who helped form and is the director of the Ohio State Food Waste Collaborative.

‘KNOW MORE, WASTE LESS’ is the motto of Know Food Waste, a CFAES student group that’s helping Buckeyes do just that. The student members of Know Food Waste are committed to two missions: first, to educate people about reducing food waste, and second, to explore ways to help right on campus. Learn more about their philosophy and efforts in this article.

Food insecurity is a global problem; yet, we waste a lot of food. Ohio State is tackling the issue of hunger and food security from several angles that include working to reduce the billions of pounds of food wasted each year. Learn more about how CFAES is working on this issue.

Brian Roe, associate chair and Fred N. VanBuren Professor of Farm Management in the Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics at Ohio State, is a co-principal investigator on a multi-university team that is funded via a $15 million NSF grant aimed at reducing food waste.