Ohio Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) Program Review

The OSU Extension agriculture and natural resources (ANR) program review is the third of a series of OSU Extension reviews.

The purpose of a program review is to guide program development on a continual basis. A program review is a process that evaluates the status, effectiveness, and progress of programs and helps identify future direction and priorities. Program reviews are a standard practice in higher education (Barak, 1082; Barak & Berdahl, 1978; Berrett, D., 2011). The OSU Extension agriculture and natural resources program review is a voluntary practice for self-study and external review.

The review includes these essential elements:

  • The State of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Ohio
    • Report prepared by Sam Custer (ANR interim assistant director), Andy Londo (former ANR assistant director), Julie Strawser, Teresa Funk, Dianne Shoemaker, Aaron Wilson, Ben Brown
  • Ohio State University Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources Internal Self-Study
    • Report prepared by Samuel Custer (ANR interim assistant director), Andy Londo (former ANR assistant director), ANR faculty and staff
  • Ohio State University Crowdsourcing Insight Summary
    • Report prepared by Amy Elhadi, Brian Butler, DaVonti’ Haynes, Debby Lewis
  • External committee visits and final report: pending
    • In-person visits, originally scheduled for March 16-17, 2020 on campus, have been rescheduled to a virtual-only format for August 11-12, 2020 due to coronavirus concerns. Committee members represent diverse perspectives of agriculture and natural resources programs varying in size, scope, and geographic location. The committee will submit a final report outlining observations and insights.
  • Reflection with Extension leadership, program teams, advisory councils, and Ohio Joint Council of Extension Professionals leadership.
  • Key stakeholder communication throughout the process

Questions to be asked during external review

OSU Extension program reviews are conducted on behalf of Dr. Jackie Kirby Wilkins, interim director of OSU Extension for the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. The OSU Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources Program Review will be led by Dr. Greg Davis, with support from Terri Fisher.