Ohio 4-H Program Review

The Ohio 4-H program review is the first of a series of OSU Extension reviews.
The project timing coincides with a national search for a new statewide leader.

The purpose of a program review is to guide program development on a continual basis. A program review is a process that evaluates the status, effectiveness, and progress of programs and helps identify future direction and priorities. Program reviews are a standard practice in youth development programs (Roth & Brooks-Gunn, 2016) and higher education (Halonen & Dunn, 2017). The OSU Extension 4-H program review is a voluntary practice for self-study and external review.

The review includes five elements:

Questions that will be asked during external review

OSU Extension program reviews are conducted on behalf of Dr. Jackie Kirby Wilkins, interim director of OSU Extension for the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. The OSU Extension 4-H Youth Development Program Review was led by Dr. Julie Fox, with support from Michelle Gaston.