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OSU Extension Signature Programs

Ohio State University Extension's signature programs are a cornerstone of our strategic plan. They are interdisciplinary in nature, supported by focused marketing and promotion, and replicable across the state – with at least one offered in each county per year.

The Signature Programs:

  • Target one or more of OSU Extension's six priorities (health and wellness; workforce development; thriving across the life span; sustainable food systems; engaged Ohioans, vibrant communities; and environmental quality).
  • Address one or more of the three issues facing Ohio identified by a Fisher College of Business report (education, economy, health).
  • Contribute to at least one of the three focus areas of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (food security, production, and human health; environmental quality and sustainability; and advanced bio-energy and bio-based products).


4-H CARTEENS focuses on saving lives by teaching teen drivers about traffic safety, effectively reducing the number of first-time and repeat teen traffic offenses. Teen leaders teach their peers about safe driving practices, while also building self-esteem and interpersonal skills of all participants.

Healthy Soil Healthy Environment 

Healthy Soil Healthy Environment will help improve Ohio's soil health and the environment by educating farmers, youth and the general public about the importance and management of soil health. "Soil health" refers to the continued capacity of soil to function as a vital living ecosystem that sustains plants, animals, and humans, and maintains environmental quality. 

LOOK to Ohio

Employers desire evidence of leadership skills and experiences in potential employees. High school students in Ohio are getting a jump start through their participation in LOOK to Ohio. LOOK stands for Leadership Opportunities for Organizational Knowledge and is an innovative teen leadership program that incorporates three main components: monthly place-based education classes, a blended learning course, and service learning projects.

The BRIDGE Issue Management Process 

Complex issues in work, school, or life can significantly impact productivity, performance, and goal attainment. The BRIDGE's innovative strategy involves several interconnected components and shows how minor changes to one component impact others. A six-step process helps create a comprehensive "road map" solution and build skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, team building, decision making, leadership, and project planning.