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  1. Opioid Epidemic in Ohio – OSU Extension is Taking Action

    ... one in the nation. With an office located in all 88 Ohio counties, OSU Extension is uniquely positioned to address the prevention of ... issue. OSU Extension County Efforts Many counties in southern Ohio are especially challenged by the opioid crisis. Many ...

    buck19 - Jun 25 2018 - 3:17pm

  2. Communiqué May 14, 2014

    ... Passed by Voters Congratulations to Hardin and Morrow counties! The renewal levy on the ballot in each county passed by an excellent ... the show of support by the citizens in both of these counties! Back to Top Endeavor Center Named Top Outreach Award ...

    sysadmin - Feb 5 2015 - 8:46am

  3. Communiqué April 25, 2012

    ... co-PIs. FCS educators and educators with FCS training in FNP counties will continue as co-Is (including being the Level 1 approvers) of the project. Counties without an FCS educator and who have had reciprocal agreements or ...

    sysadmin - Nov 26 2014 - 1:25pm

  4. Communiqué April 24, 2013

    ... County Budget : In calendar year 2013 to date, 82 counties are reporting a 2% increase overall. This includes 45 counties with increased funding; 30 counties with level funding, and seven ...

    sysadmin - Nov 26 2014 - 11:53am

  5. Communiqué October 10, 2011

    ... other items often beyond our control. A number of individual counties are still taking a bigger hit than we’d like. Please understand it also pains me that a number of counties have been affected in their ability to support local Extension ...

    sysadmin - Nov 26 2014 - 12:48pm

  6. Communiqué August 20, 2014

    ... pages should be printed back to back. OSUE Display for Counties Per a discussion with the JCEP marketing committee in late June, ... creating a general OSU Extension tabletop display, to give counties an option besides the pull-up banner that each county received in ...

    sysadmin - Sep 29 2015 - 9:03am

  7. 4-H Use of Name and Emblem (Ohio Guidelines)

    ... Sally’s Fabric Shops were a chain of shops in multi counties and planning promotions inseveral counties, then the decision making is transferred to the state 4-H office.) ...

    sysadmin - Jun 26 2017 - 10:51am

  8. Communiqué June 24, 2011

    ... in mid-July. We’re also moving forward in the counties where possible, based on input from county commissioners. In those counties where funding is available – and if it is feasible to do so, we’ve ...

    sysadmin - Nov 26 2014 - 12:42pm

  9. Communiqué April 30, 2014

    ... SNAP-Ed teaches these skills to Ohioans young and old in 64 counties throughout the state. The goal is to create long-lasting behavior ... demographics. Third – The strategic plan states that counties will have program-area specific advisory committees for each funded ...

    sysadmin - Nov 5 2014 - 1:54pm

  10. Communiqué May 13, 2015

    ... Extension employee apparel until June 10, 2015. This allows counties who might need fewer items than the typical minimum order amount to ... luncheon earlier this year that are available for counties to borrow and use at your county fair, legislative activities or other ...

    buck19 - May 13 2015 - 11:15am