About Us

Our Mission: Education through publishing. We provide educational materials that help fulfill Ohio State University Extension’s land-grant mission.

Ohio State University Extension Publishing, launched September 2018, brings together communication experts from the 4-H publishing unit and CFAES Marketing and Communications.

The nine-member team is responsible for editing, design, marketing, and distribution of 4-H books, Learning Lab Kits, and OSU Extension fact sheets and bulletins.

Contact us

Dara BarclayDara Barclay, Learning Lab Kits and Fiscal, 614-292-9772




Tim Bowman  Tim Bowman, Graphic Designer, 614-292-3493




Stacy Cochran  Stacy Cochran, Editor, Ohioline and Extension, 614-247-4952




  Dave Davisson, Media Distribution, 61Dave Davisson4-292-1607



Annie Steel  Annie Steel, Graphic Design and Project Management, 614-688-1934




Suzanne Steel  Suzanne Steel, Assistant Director, 614-292-1567



Jackie Stuts  Jackie Stuts, Editor, Learning Lab Kits, 614-292-2093




Jane Wright  Jane Wright, 4-H Curriculum Manager, 614-292-0909



Susie Young  Susie Young, 4-H Editor, 614-292-6944