Two-Track System

OSU Extension Two-Track System Summary


  • Proof of excellent performance over a period of time in teaching, creative works and service in local assignment
  • Evidence of teamwork, interdisciplinary approaches
  • Demonstrated impacts and promise of continued high quality contributions
  • Area of specialization – capable and mature educator
  • Expectations increase from Educator II to III to IV
    • In competence, performance and peer recognition
    • Participation/service to profession and organization
  • Continued growth

Promotion is considered in the context of the individual’s local assignment.

Requesting a Faculty Position


  • Excellence is expected and documented in teaching, creative works and service for local programming efforts
  • Interdisciplinary approaches and contribution to team efforts are evident
  • Educator III status, meets/exceeds current criteria for Educator III
  • Demonstrate desire and aptitude for scholarship by sharing creative efforts at regional and national professional meetings, soliciting peer reviews
  • Show evidence of potential for sustained faculty achievement in teaching, creative and scholarly works and service
  • Willingness to be involved in professional/university committees, teams or leadership roles
  • Submission of dossier for review by faculty Promotion and Tenure Committee
  • There are some A&P positions and grant-funded positions which shall remain at A&P status


  1. Written request to Department Chair
  2. Timetable and procedural guidelines follow faculty guidelines
  3. Prepare dossier using most current Extension guidelines for faculty
  4. Review process includes reviews by the Promotion and Tenure Committee and Assistant Director(s)
  5. Department Chair makes final determination of whether to offer faculty status to the candidate following review of dossier
  6. Movement to a faculty position results in the increase of base salary by a set amount
  7. Appointment would be at the rank of untenured assistant professor with the full probationary period available and University rules applying for tenure and promotion

*Only one request to change status will be approved during an individual’s continuous period of employment with OSU Extension.

Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Guidelines for OSU Extension, 2014

Criteria and Procedures for Transfer, 1993 – revised

Career Advancement

In 1993 OSU Extension, after a period of intense review and discussion, put in place a faculty tenure track system for County Educators in Ohio. All County Educators hired since 1993 into the OSU Extension system enter as A&P Educators. Educators who have demonstrated success at the Educator III or Educator IV level may apply for a faculty position as an untenured Assistant Professor.  There are grant-funded positions which will remain at A&P status.  Faculty Educators may elect to leave the faculty track and move to the A&P professional track. Once an Educator (faculty or A&P) has changed status, they may not return to their prior status.

The goal of the A&P career path is to establish a career advancement system parallel to the faculty promotion and tenure system. It provides more career choices for all Educators and establishes a career ladder for A&P Educators. Specific guidelines related to promotion, procedures for applying and vita outlines are on the OSU Extension Policy Handbook website. Each winter workshops are offered that explain the promotion process.  Coaching is also provided by the Regional Director/Associate Chair and support teams in each region. The Department Chair provides leadership for administration of the promotion and tenure process and meets with Educators to assist them in developing their dossier and understanding the system.

Different job expectations exist for A&P Educators and faculty as they relate to scholarly and creative work and service to the profession. Both are expected to provide: outstanding and timely programming in their local counties, to establish an area of specialization, and to develop their professional competencies. Expectations related to teaching, interdisciplinary work, team efforts and documenting impact are also similar.

A&P educators focus on local county programming needs emphasizing development of creative programming approaches, developing curriculum and participating in regional/statewide teams which will benefit the local program. They are active in statewide professional organizations often holding leadership positions. OSU Extension has established guidelines and procedures for a peer review promotion process at the state level. Qualified A&P Educators may apply for state and center specialist positions, and will be expected to have faculty status if they accept the position.

Faculty have the additional expectation of developing programs and materials for use by colleagues across the state and nation. For advancement in faculty rank peer reviewed publications and presentations are expected as documentation that the work has been communicated broadly, is valued and used by peers and had an impact on local and broader audiences. Faculty Educators over time develop a reputation beyond their local position for contributions both in an area of specialization and as a leader in national professional organizations. Faculty promotion guidelines and criteria established by the Office of Academic Affairs are followed in review of faculty cases for promotion.

Looking at the Career Paths for County Educators


  • Hired prior to 1/1/99 without MS
  • Less than 2 years professional experience


  • Apply for promotion when successful as Educator II and meet criteria for Educator III


  • Apply for promotion when successful as Educator III and meet criteria for Educator IV


  • Apply for untenured - Assistant Professor position when successful as Educator III and meet criteria for faculty status


  • Hired prior to 1/3/97 - Apply for promotion when meet criteria for Assistant Professor


  • Apply for promotion when successful as Assistant Professor and meet criteria for Associate Professor. If transferred from A&P, tenure and promotion to Associate Professor by beginning of 7th year required


  • Apply for promotion when successful as Associate Professor and meet criteria for Professor


  • Highest rank in faculty track
  • Sustained excellence and contributions expected

*If you change status, you may not return to your prior status in same or similar role.

Updated – December 2014