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Annual Review Process for all Department of Extension Faculty

The performance of Extension faculty will be evaluated annually by a review team including the direct supervisor and associate chair. This faculty review process aims to complement any other annual performance evaluation undertaken by direct supervisors.

The results of the review will be summarized in a letter prepared by the associate chair. The letter will reflect major accomplishments in teaching, scholarship and service, and include areas for growth and development that can be supported through coaching, professional development, and other resources from the department.

The following information describes the full process for annual review of faculty in the Department of Extension. Supervisors can also reference the Performance Reviews documents at

Documents to be part of the review

  1. At least one peer evaluation of teaching letter received during the review period
  2. At least three teaching events evaluated with the EEET form during the review period – (a three-year summary is provided by LOD)
  3. Annual performance report generated from VITA for the calendar review year 
    NOTE: This report should include at least two performance goals and two professional development goals for the coming year.
  4. Dossier report generated from VITA for the calendar year
    NOTE: An updated CV/dossier should be posted at your county/unit faculty webpage annually. Current listing with all faculty webpage links can be accessed at:

Steps in the Annual Review Process

  1. By January 31 (per current Dept of Extension APT) - Annual review documents identified above should be made available to the associate chair and any other review team members.
  2. By March 1: Program leaders (and other supervisors for faculty who don’t report to a program leader) will assess performance in teaching, scholarship, service, AND overall performance and provide examples justifying these four assessments in comment form to the associate chair.
  3. By March 15: Supervisors will schedule a discussion with the associate chair to discuss assessment of performance.
  4. By April 1: The associate chair will generate a formal annual review letter that summarizes faculty performance from the various sources identified above for the supervisor to use during the performance review.
  5. By May 31: Supervisors will coordinate their faculty signatures on the final letters (#4 above) and forward as a pdf to Terri Fisher ( in the associate chair office. Terri will forward the final copies to HR, cc’ing program leaders and supervisors. This letter will be placed in the faculty file and become part of the faculty member’s dossier package when applying for promotion.

NOTE: The associate chair will meet with all probationary faculty annually as described in the Department of Extension Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure (APT) document. This meeting with the associate chair does not replace the performance review meeting with the direct supervisor. More information on faculty annual review is described in the APT document.

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Updated 2.16.21
Reviewed and Revised: 2.12.19