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Public Records Requests

The Ohio State University and OSU Extension follow Ohio Revised Code Chapter 149.43 in responding to records requests. If you receive a public record request, before taking action, please inform your immediate supervisor and contact the CFAES CIO and Human Resource leader. In responding, there are often a number of issues which need to be addressed and we would like to be certain we provide coaching and advice from legal counsel.

  1. All records are public in today’s environment. We all need to be circumspect in what we write on paper or in an email. In theory, you could be asked to recover old and deleted emails; in practice this has not occurred at OSU.
  2. If the record does not exist, it is not necessary to create it.
  3. Requests for digital information and format should be honored.
  4. Exceptions to "What is Public":
    1. Medical Records, social security records
    2. Intellectual Property and research records documents (records) unless publicly released, published, or patented.
    3. Donor Profile Records – this is background information about donors or potential donors.
    4. Information pertaining to recreational activities of a person under 18. 4-H Youth mailing lists are an example.
  5. All public records shall be promptly prepared and made available for inspection to any person at all reasonable times during regular business hours. Copies can be made available at cost, within a reasonable time period.

Administrative Cabinet approved – April 2005
Updated – December 2006; r
eviewed – 2008
Revised – February 2013; reviewed by Garee Earnest
– April 2015