Food Preparation and Service

Preparation of food by Ohio State University Extension faculty and staff is appropriate when it is within the scope of their responsibilities and for demonstration purposes.

When preparing food, for sale or giving away, to raise funds or contribute to recognition events/activities for programs and activities, Ohio State University Extension strongly recommends that faculty and staff contract with an independent business/vendor to handle the food preparation.

When engaged in programs/activities that include food preparation and/or service, Ohio State University Extension faculty, staff, and volunteers must follow local and state food preparation and service guidelines (when applicable); adhere to appropriate licensing procedures; and be knowledgeable of food safety guidelines.


• Ohio State University Extension faculty and staff whose responsibilities and
scope of responsibilities include food preparation for demonstration purposes will
be knowledgeable of food safety guidelines and will follow USDA, local and state
food preparation and service guidelines (when applicable).
• All events or activities involving food preparation or service will have a
volunteer(s) or paid staff member(s) providing primary leadership who is/are onsite
for the entire event or activity;
• Individuals (volunteers or paid staff) providing leadership to the on-site
preparation and service of food, for sale or giving away (not including carry-in,
covered dish, pot-luck dinners, or bake sales) will have completed the Safe Food
Handling for the Occasional Quantity Cook training or an equivalent educational
opportunity, prior to engaging in the food preparation or service;
• When required, secure licensing from all appropriate agencies (contact county
Health Department) and follow acceptable food preparation and service
• When coordinating carry-in, covered dish, and/or pot-luck dinners, it is
recommended that event leaders communicate (i.e., provide fact sheet) food
preparation safety guidelines to the individual food provider(s).
Fact Sheet - Basics for Handling Food Safely

Approved by Administrative Cabinet – March 2006
Reviewed – March 2013
Reviewed by Kirk Bloir and Linette Goard – April 2015