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Program Sponsorship and Naming of Local Extension Programs

In 2001, OSU Extension adopted the following philosophy on funding, and it continues to guide decisions being made about acceptance of new resources: fulfilling commitments with Extension's existing partners is our first priority. New resources provided by contracts, grants, gifts, and user fees are pursued and accepted when:

  1. The proposed programs fit with Extension's vision, mission and priorities;
  2. The values and reputation of the funding organization are consistent with Extension's values and reputation;
  3. There is no expectation of compromising Extension's values;
  4. There is adequate funding to support the programs;
  5. Existing commitments are not compromised; and
  6. Expertise to support the program is available.

OSU Extension Administrative Cabinet does not consider it in the best interest of county Extension programs to name specific local activities or events after a sponsor, unless the sponsorship meets OSU development fund criteria for endowed programs. OSU development fund criteria are:

  • Endowed Chair --- $3 million minimum
  • Endowed Program --- $50,000 minimum

The naming of an event, such as the “xxxxx Field Day,” places the identity of the sponsor above the identity of OSU Extension and may imply that one of our core values “unbiased delivery of information” is being compromised.

In an effort to market OSU Extension to local citizens, we prefer that sponsors and donors to local programming efforts be recognized by listing on all information about the program. If the local office wants to adopt recognition categories, such as “gold,” “silver” and “bronze” for program funding, they may do so. It may be helpful to funders to use consistent recognition categories for all local programs in a particular county.

It is highly encouraged that contributions to programs be treated as gifts using the OSU gift process so individual and/or corporations receive maximum credit.

For more information, see the OSU Extension cost recovery - gifts section of the Policy and Procedures Handbook.


  • Program name for marketing:
    - OSU Extension Forage Field Day, sponsored by xxxxxxx (list individual and/or corporate sponsors)
  • Use of a disclaimer statement when commercial products or names are used:
    This type of statement is often used at the end of a fact sheet or on program flier when a product or company name appears in the content. Example: “No endorsement is intended for companies and/or products mentioned, nor is criticism meant for those not mentioned.”

Administrative Cabinet approved – January 2001 and April 13, 2006
– January 2009; Reviewed – March 2013; Updated – January 2014