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Section VI: Tools

The following tools and aids are available to assist Extension professionals in their efforts to consistently apply cost recovery guidelines. These instruments are primarily decision-making tools for Extension program development and should not be used for every conversation, consultation, or program. The following items can be found at the OSU Extension Grantsmanship, Contract Development and Resource Development website:

     Templates for developing budgets (Grantsmanship website)
     Proposal Authorization Form and instructions (Attached)
     Checklist for determining readiness to apply for funding (Grantsmanship website)
     Flow chart detailing the processes for developing projects for external funding (Attached)
     Links to websites for necessary university forms (on-line)
     Sample proposal sections
     Information about upcoming workshops and training (Grantsmanship website)
     Frequently Asked Questions about cost recovery and revenue generation processes
     Links to tools and instruments by which to measure program commitments
     OSU Extension Local Program Worksheet (Grantsmanship website)
     State Program Fees Chart (Grantsmanship website)
     State Program Fee Transmittal Form (Grantsmanship website)