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Cost Recovery Policies

Section I: Overview of Cost Recovery

  1. Background and Philosophy
  2. Public Good and Private Good
  3. Guiding Principles
  4. Levels of Cost Recovery
  5. Uses of Recovered Funds
  6. Definitions

Section II: Externally Funded Projects (Grants and Contracts)

  1. Proposal Review and Approval
  2. Payroll Information
  3. Forms and Partners
  4. Administering the Project
  5. Administrative/Indirect Cost Charges
  6. Cost recovery fund categories and distribution

Section III: User Fees for Extension Programs

  1. Types of user fees
  2. How user fees will be used
  3. Fiscal Management of User Fees
  4. Sponsorship of fees

Section IV: Gifts (Helpful Links added April 2006)

Section V: Other Methods of Cost Recovery

Section VI: Tools

Section VII: Academic Department Information

Updated March 2013