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Re-Employment of OSU Extension Retirees

Determine vacancies statewide.

University process and guidelines on re-employment will be followed.

  1. Reemployment of Faculty and Staff Policy
  2. Request to Rehire Retired Faculty/Staff Member

Request proposal and job descriptions from county directors or unit directors who wish to rehire a retiree.

  • Request goes to the immediate supervisor(s) for review and response to the county/unit director.
  • CFAES Human Resources is copied on the request and involved in discussions on priorities.

Guidelines to be followed for OSU Extension:

  • All assignments would be temporary assignments for a one-year period or less.
  • Salary will be re-negotiated based on nature of assignment. County/regional directors make the decision for county staff. Immediate supervisor(s) make the decision for campus staff.
  • All assignments will be 50 percent or less with 45 percent or lower for the recommended assignment. This percentage can be negotiated at a higher level based on grant, contract or supplemental funding.
  • An offer letter using a template from Human Resources and co-signed by supervisor(s) will confirm the arrangement.
  • For county educators, the county will pay XX percent of current county cost-share based on the percentage of hire. Other units should confirm cost with Human Resources.
  • Any assignments which go beyond one year may be viewed as no longer temporary by the university, and cost-share arrangements for a county may have to be re-negotiated if benefit and retirement contributions change.

Additional Reference: 

OAA states: 

Reemployment of retired faculty for eligibility requirements and guidelines on the rehiring of faculty who have retired from The Ohio State University, see the OHR Policy on Reemployment of Faculty and Staff (Policy 4.25). It is acceptable for units, in consultation with their college offices, to negotiate some post-retirement work with non-retired faculty to facilitate retirement. However, long-term agreements are inappropriate; and even short-term agreements should be made subject to availability of funds, programmatic needs, and performance. Reemployment of retired faculty is not an entitlement and cannot be guaranteed. Note that faculty may be rehired into the same position at greater than 75 percent FTE only if the salary is not greater than 75% of the base salary at the time of retirement. Rehiring a retired faculty member requires approval of the TIU head, the college dean (or campus dean/director), and OAA prior to extending an offer. Colleges should forward requests to hire a retired faculty member using the Request to Rehire Retired Faculty/Staff form.

Administrative Cabinet approved – June 2004
Administrative Cabinet amended and approved – April 2006
Revised – May 2011; edited – February 2013; revised – 2015