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International Travel

International Travel Guidelines for OSU Extension

All international travel (both requests and reimbursement) for OSU Department of Extension personnel must be approved by the chair, Department of Extension (this includes all county, regional and non-academic state units).

  • Professionals who are considering international travel should obtain approval from their immediate supervisor and the chair, Department of Extension prior to making a commitment for a paper presentation, study tour or other professional travel.
  • Funding sources should be clearly identified prior to seeking approval. A conference agenda and invitation to present or schedule of events should be included with the travel request.
  • One international trip per budget year will be the guideline used in considering requests. The budget year will follow the OSU fiscal year of July I through June 30.
  • Beyond their Extension travel budget, professionals should seek other financial support such as Office of Research funds for an invited paper at an overseas research conference (contact OARDC), paper presentation dollars from OSU Extension and other sources. It may be necessary to pay some portion of the expenses personally.
  • If the professional is combining business travel and vacation, vacation dates should be clearly indicated on the travel request.
  • Except in special circumstances, business travel expenses would be for one day prior to the conference and one day following the conference.
  • Per diem may not be claimed for meals that are included in air fare or conference registration fees
  • If more than one OSU professional is participating in the same conference or event, persons of the same gender should attempt to share lodging to minimize costs. If the decision is made not to share rooms because of family members or other personal issues, reimbursement for lodging may be limited to a proportional share of the lodging cost.
  • When submitting travel expenses for reimbursement, the foreign exchange rate should be documented.
  • If prepayments in foreign currency are required, please allow at least one month for payment to be made.

Updated – January 2008
Reviewed by Ken Martin – 2015