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Internal Transfers

Ohio State University Extension recognizes that internal transfers are often in the best interests of the organization and its employees. The following guidelines will be used to guide the process of internal transfers. Internal transfers will only be considered when they are determined to be in the best interests of OSU Extension and its customers.

Any current OSU Extension employee who meets the minimum qualifications for an available position may apply and be considered for a transfer to another county, unit, or position as an internal applicant. If the available position is grant-funded, it will remain A&P status and applicant will not be eligible for application to faculty track.

To be considered for an internal transfer, an employee must have achieved better than acceptable performance in his or her current position and demonstrated the potential to succeed in the requested position.

Employees who wish to transfer must submit a current application, resume/curriculum vita, and letter of application to the OSU Extension personnel office. Copies of the application materials should be sent to the appropriate assistant director(s), regional director(s), and/or unit leader(s).

All Extension educator vacancies will be advertised internally for a one-week period. If no internal applications are received during that period, the position will be advertised to external applicants.

Late applications submitted by internal applicants will be placed in the pool of external applicants. In these cases, internal applicants must compete with the external applicants for the particular position.

If internal applications are received, they will be reviewed by a screening committee made up of the assistant director(s), regional director(s), Extension specialist(s), county director and leader, Human Resources. The applicant(s) will then participate in a state screening interview. The screening interview may not be held in some cases based on the recommendation of the screening committee.

Internal transfer candidates who are considered a good fit for a position by the screening committee will be referred to the county or unit for a second interview with a county or unit interview committee.

Based on the information provided by the interview committees, a decision on granting the transfer will be made by a consensus of the assistant director, regional director and/or unit head. This process will be completed before positions are advertised externally.

Reviewed – 2008
Note: Oct 2016 -- the "minimum of one year in current position" requirement was removed, per OSU Extension Administrative Cabinet decision. As of July 2017, OSU Extension Admin. is also reviewing the entire internal transfer policy content.