Faculty Emeriti Requests

Faculty emeriti requests received by the department chair will be forwarded to the college, university and Ohio State Board of Trustees for final approval.

Refer to the Office of Academic Affairs http://oaa.osu.edu/assets/files/documents/facultyappointments.pdf for additional information. The Board of Trustees meets approximately 6 times a year. For a schedule of meetings, refer to the following web site: https://trustees.osu.edu/.

To ensure the Board of Trustee reviews the request prior to the faculty retirement date, it is necessary to submit at least 90 days prior to the selected retirement date the following:

  1. Faculty shall submit a letter addressed to the department chair stating their retirement effective date. If an eligible faculty member is requesting emeriti status, the request shall be included in the retirement letter. Copies should be sent to the supervisor and the Extension HR unit.
  2. If requesting emeritus status, in a separate document include a brief statement of major accomplishments and successes as a faculty member (two to three brief paragraphs, no more than half a page).

See the attached workflow document as an overview of the process.

Note: The OAA form 207 must be received by the BOT prior to the faculty retirement date or the emeriti effective date may not immediately follow the faculty retirement date.