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Faculty Changes within Ohio State Based on Financial Considerations

A tenured faculty member shall not be involuntarily terminated because of curtailment in program or elimination of the position to which the faculty was assigned.

The tenured faculty member will be reassigned to a current vacant position, which matches his/her programmatic area(s) of expertise. Assistant directors working with regional or county Extension directors provide leadership to district staffing reassignments. Regional or county directors working with assistant directors provide leadership to county staffing reassignments. In all instances, input from the faculty member, the director and department chair are sought. Department chair and director handle administrative and campus faculty reassignments with input from faculty member and assistant directors.

  • If relocation is necessary, moving expenses will be reimbursed according to university guidelines.
  • The faculty member will not have any reduction in salary if moving from a district to a county assignment.
  • An incumbent in an existing position cannot be displaced.

The director has the authority to reassign an employee based on programming/ administrative needs of the organization. This occurs following consultation with the department chair, leader of HR, RD or Center director, AD and employee. An attempt will be made to find a mutually agreeable assignment, but the director has the authority to assign without offering options. The leader of HR provides oversight to the process.

Procedures for filling county vacancies during financial curtailment by OSU Extension.

Faculty track employees needing a position will be given priority over other employees in reassignments or filling vacancies with tenured faculty having preference over those untenured. Generally, one of the two processes identified below will be followed:

  1. In the case of faculty track reassignments or relocation, RD (or unit head) and leader of HR (consulting with AD) arrange and oversee a meeting between the faculty member and key local leaders/unit staff to reach agreement for the change.
  2. For positions where there is not a faculty member needing reassignment: Internally post and follow current process for internal transfers including campus and county interviews.

Reviewed and supported by: Carole Anderson, vice provost, Academic Affairs; Bobby D. Moser, dean, College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
Revised – April 2003; updated – 2007
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