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Background Checks and Self-Disclosure of Criminal Convictions

To promote a safe and secure environment for its faculty, staff, youth, volunteers, clientele, and stakeholders, OSU Extension will take reasonable steps to ensure hiring decisions effectively contribute to lessening unnecessary risk. As a department within The Ohio State University, OSU Extension will:

  1. Adhere to the Background Check Policy 4.15 and the Self-Disclosure of Criminal Convictions Policy 4.17 and related policies.
  2. Abide by Ohio Revised Code, in which individuals working with or in proximity to underage youth must submit to a fingerprint background check.

Background Check

  1. Who

    1. All new employees including temporary, part-time, and students
    2. Interns (paid and unpaid)
    3. Internal employees who are transferring to another position.
    4. Employees who have a break in service and return to the university.
  2. Procedures

    1. Individuals being considered for employment (internal transfer or external hire) or an internship (paid or unpaid) must:
      1. Complete the web-based check (First Advantage). A link to this web-based check will be provided to new employees via an e-mail.
      2. Have a fingerprint check completed while visiting the Ohio State campus through the Ohio State Office of Human Resources (more information is available online) or done locally (their home county or state) and have results sent to the Ohio State Office of Human Resources. A list of sites can be found at:
    2. Ohio State Office of Human Resources will notify CFAES Human Resources of the results.
    3. Background checks must not be more than 30 days old prior to an individual's start date.
  3. Payment

    1. Fingerprint – Each unit (county/department/state department office) is responsible for all expenses associated with having the fingerprint background check completed for its employees. The unit hiring may directly pay the fingerprinting agency or reimburse the individual after he or she submits a receipt.
    2. Web-Based Check – CFAES administration is responsible for all expenses for the web-based check.

Self-Disclosure of Criminal Convictions

  1. Who

    1. Internal and external applicants for positions are required to accurately self-disclose all criminal convictions when they apply.
    2. Current faculty, staff, graduate associates, student employees, appointees, volunteers, and staff provided by a third-party staffing vendors are required to self-disclose post employment convictions (this includes misdemeanors and felonies) within three business days of the conviction to CFAES Human Resources or the OHR employment law and compliance manager.


Approved by Administrative Cabinet – April 7, 2011
Reveiwed and updated – March 2013, December 2013, April 2015