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Curricula Essential Components - OSU Extension

To support the development and implementation of standardized teaching curricula for OSU Extension programs, the following essential components should be included in all OSU Extension teaching curricula. It is not an exhaustive list, but it is inclusive of best practices to ensure that consistent, replicable, high-quality curricula are developed that will facilitate documenting state-wide impacts. 

  1. A Curriculum Overview that identifies the target audience(s) and provides a summary of the program goal(s), outlines prerequisite content knowledge instructors need, includes a scholarly/research-based reference list, and offers a suggested presentation path when there are multiple lessons.
  2. Lesson Plan(s)/Instructional Guide with Learning Objectives that include learning activities that promote learning transfer, and participant materials (e.g., handouts, worksheets, or links to them, etc.).
  3. Evaluation tool(s) to document program impact, highlighting indicators to be entered in Research in View (RiV).
  4. Basic marketing tools such as fliers, news blurbs, media spot scripts, registration form, certificate of completion, etc.
  5. Branding follows The Ohio State University, CFAES and OSU Extension guidelines.

Approved Administrative Cabinet September 2009
 March 2013