CES Membership

2016-17 Membership Roster

Membership Information and Forms

for returning members, new members, and new or continuing emeriti

Member Benefits

CES lapel pin & notebook
Quarterly CES newsletters
Optional participation in the "Secret Friend" program
Recognition for professional and personal achievement
Years of Service and New Member Awards
Annual Meeting and Membership Scholarships
Newsletter/Brochure/Webpage Contest
Professional Development Award (2-$200 annually)
Dorothy Rex Inspiration Award
Support Staff Excellence Award
Discounts on CES-sponsored professional development workshops

Nominal annual dues of $25 (no cost to Emeriti) 

Professional Development funds from department budgets may be used to pay dues with the approval of the ORG Authorizer


A person employed with at least 45 percent time as an Ohio State University Extension Support Staff employee, who has performed satisfactory service as an OSU Extension support staff employee shall be eligible for membership.