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OJCEP Scholarships

For Current OJCEP Members Only


Purpose: To provide incentive and expense support for current members of Ohio Joint Council of Extension Professionals in pursuing professional development activities that will increase their expertise and effectiveness. See the award application for complete details (link below).

Funding: Maximum funding award per individual is $750. Scholarship stipends totaling up to $3,000 will be awarded in February, May and September for a total of $9,000 annually. Only one award per individual per year is permitted. Preference will be giving to applicants who have not received funding in the previous two years. Funds must be spent within 12 months of receiving award.

Procedures: The OJCEP Scholarships, Grants and Recognition (SGR) Scholarship sub-committee will review applications and make a final determination of scholarship award recipients. Submit applications by February 15 for the winter awards, May 1 for the spring awards, and by September 1 for the fall awards to Cindy Meyer, SGR Scholarship sub-committee chair. Stipends will be payable upon receipt of an expense report and a written summary (1-2 pages). The summary must be submitted to the OJCEP treasurer and SGR Committee chair within 60 days of the training or event.

Scholarship Application (click here)

First-timer Fellowship Application 


To provide support for members attending a National Extension Conference. 
Deadlines: June 1 (for conferences held in June - August) or September 1 (for conferences held in September - November).