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2022 February

Extension Publishing Store

February 2022 New and Revised Products (alpha order)

  • Tracking Your Health and Fitness (4-H project book available in print for first time)

February 2022 Top Sellers: ANR, FCS, and CD

  1. 2022 Weed Control Guide for Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois (Second month in top spot!)
  2. Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations for Corn, Soybean, Wheat, and Alfalfa (print)
  3. Ohio Farm Account Book (Gray and Red)
  4. Training Manual: Ohio Agricultural Fertilizer Applicator Certification 
  5. Corn, Soybean, Wheat, and Forages Field Guide

February 2022 Top Sellers: 4-H

  1. Beef Project and Record Book
  2. Goat Project and Record Book
  3. Market Hog Project and Record Book
  4. Poultry Project and Record Book
  5. Goat Resource Handbook

February 2022 Top Sellers: Hands-on Learning 

  1. Goat Learning Lab Kit
  2. Physbot Data Tracker
  3. Beef Learning Lab Kit
  4. Swine Learning Lab Kit
  5. Sheep Learning Lab Kit


February 2022 New and Revised Fact Sheets (alpha order)

Top 25 Fact Sheets in February 2022

  1. Calculating Cation Exchange Capacity, Base Saturation, and Calcium Saturation (Fourth month in top spot!)
  2. Role of Soil Bacteria
  3. Bacterial Diseases of Plants
  4. Staphylococcus aureus: A Problem When Food Is Left Out Too Long
  5. Measuring Standing Trees
  6. Gender Issues: Communication Differences in Interpersonal Relationships
  7. A History of Packaging
  8. Understanding Soil Microbes and Nutrient Recycling
  9. Community Assessment
  10. Viral Diseases of Plants
  11. Pruning Blueberry Bushes in the Home Garden
  12. Food Preservation: Making Jerky
  13. Chicken Breed Selection
  14. Nematode Diseases of Plants
  15. Decision Making/Problem Solving With Teens
  16. Food Preservation: Freezing Basics
  17. Basic Principles of Pruning Backyard Grapevines
  18. Ohio Agricultural Sales Tax Exemption Rules
  19. The Basics of a Farm Balance Sheet
  20. Mystery Bugs and Bites
  21. Fungal and Fungal-like Diseases of Plants
  22. Efficient Lawn Care Practices to Help Protect Ohio’s Waterways*
  23. Wild Mushrooms
  24. Soil Terminology and Definitions*
  25. Bacillus cereus: A Foodborne Illness Confused with the 24-hour Flu*

    * These fact sheets are new (or at least new from last month) in the Top 25 this month.

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