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2020 Annual Summary


Line graph showing 4,296 orders in 2019 and 12,321 orders in 2020.The store had 945,187 visits in 2020, with 12,321 orders from 10,395 customers. This compares to 51,639 visits in 2019 with 4,296 orders and 2,329 customers. That is nearly a 300% increase in number of orders—talk about a pivot!

See the year's new and revised titles here, and our top sellers just below.

2020 New and Revised Products (alpha order)
2020 Top Sellers: ANR, FCS, and CD
  1. 2020 Weed Control Guide for Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois (PDF) (No longer available. See the 2021 PDF edition here.)
  2. Applying Pesticides Correctly (Core Manual)
  3. Ohio Pesticide Applicator Training: A Study Guide for Commercial Turfgrass Applicators
  4. Ohio Pesticide Applicator Training: A Study Guide for Commercial Industrial Vegetation Applicators
  5. Corn, Soybean, Wheat, and Forages Field Guide
2020 Top Sellers: 4-H
  1. Market Hog Project and Record Book
  2. Poultry Project and Record Book
  3. Goat Project and Record Book
  4. Beef Project and Record Book
  5. Market Rabbit Project and Record Book
2020 Top Sellers: Hands-on Learning
  1. Feed Sample Set
  2. Beef Learning Lab Kit
  3. Poultry Learning Lab Kit
  4. Horse Learning Lab Kit
  5. Sheep Learning Lab Kit


Line graph showing 1,294,566 page views in 2019 and 1,645,797 page views in 2020.In 2020, Ohioline saw 1,645,797 page views, with 1,147,676 users. This compares to 1,294,566 page views and 869,612 users in 2019. That is about a 30% growth in page views and users to Ohioline year over year. 

NOTE: If you want analytics for your own fact sheet(s), please fill out our analytics form. We’re happy to share that info.

2020 New and Revised Fact Sheets (alpha order)

Special thanks to 2020 Ohioline guest editors: Michelle Gaston, Mary Lynn Thalheimer, and Sally McClaskey.

Top 5 Fact Sheets in 2020
  1. Wild Mushrooms
  2. Bacterial Diseases of Plants
  3. Giant Caterpillars
  4. Staphylococcus aureus: A Problem When Food Is Left Out Too Long
  5. Ohio Bee Identification Guide