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Teamwork: It's What's For Dinner (Breakfast & Lunch)

- Friday, October 9, 2020

You have heard this before, one of the neatest things about Extension work is that it is a team sport. Teams typically include a wide range of players serving in a variety of roles from administrative associates to state-based faculty. Working together our various Extension teams partner up with other teams that might be community-based, industry-based, or part of other similar Extension-type organizations.

Something else I really appreciate about Extension work is that our efforts are varied and wide-ranging. We focus on a specific problem a homeowner is facing whether it is an issue with their lawn, a tree, or flying insects in the landscape. We work on a statewide basis to help people understand how to prepare more nutritious foods for their families. There are so many more examples and in each of them, we work together as a team to carry out the Extension mission, each of us in a particular role that is so important to the effort.

In my role I read about so many of these efforts in faculty dossiers, annual performance reports, program highlights, weekly newsletters, etc. But, there is something completely different about seeing Extension work firsthand, and I had the chance again this week to feel the excitement of the Extension work we do.

I have read about Jim Jasinski’s work (he was recently promoted to professor - see his CV here) but hearing from Jim firsthand as we rode through the fields at the Western Agricultural Research Station in South Charleston really brought his Extension efforts to life for me. In our brief visit, I sensed his enthusiasm and passion for his work. I also heard about challenges and the need for patience (especially this year). Through our visit, all of Jim’s dossier pages I had read previously were really brought to life and I felt better able to help Jim and his efforts as a member of the larger Extension team.

And that really is my goal. How can I help you today?

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