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Why Every Extension Professional Should Subscribe to This Blog

- Monday, June 15, 2020
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Welcome to the Extension Promotion blog. Here we will share and discuss all things related to faculty and A&P promotion (and so much more). In short, the goal is to help improve our understanding of what it means to be an Extension professional. In practical terms, we will focus on promotion-related things like the process, timelines, deadlines, roles, and responsibilities. We will talk about why promotion matters and connect you to the resources you will need. And, as changes occur that may impact your journey as an Extension professional, they will be highlighted here.

Because telling the story about your contributions and accomplishments is at the basic core of faculty and A&P promotion, this blog will also share and discuss all things related to Extension programs. We will talk about Extension teaching, scholarship, and service and how they work together to comprise what you might refer to as your Extension Program. We will also include other important elements of being an Extension professional such as extramural funding (e.g. training grants and contracts, program fees, research funding, etc.), stewardship and administrative leadership roles, and program team involvement, for example.

I am excited to create this space for learning and discussion and will serve as the editor/publisher in my official Extension capacity as department chair and associate director, programs (more on those roles in future posts). Because there is much to share and learn, I have already asked many of you with similar interests and expertise to share in posting content and will continue to invite others as we get underway.

Finally, why a blog format? To improve our understanding of A&P and faculty promotion and what it means to be an Extension professional we have tried and will continue to try a variety of engagement strategies (e.g. static webpages, face-to-face in-services, live/recorded Zoom webinars, one-on-one/individual instruction, etc.). For this blog, you can expect to regularly receive concise posts whose relevance can be quickly and easily assessed (think of this post as an example for future posts). Posts may link to more in-depth video, podcasts, infographics, etc. They may also include a discussion thread. After the first few posts (to be sent to all-Extension), only subscribers will receive notification of new posts. I hope you choose to subscribe!

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