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It is that wonderful time of year when we recognize colleagues for the successful application for promotion in rank. What is that all about? Put simply, our A&P and faculty program professionals continually engage in a variety of functions (think programming, engagement, teaching, scholarship, service, etc). When deemed ready, they share their accomplishments across these various dimensions which are reviewed by peers and weighed against the expectations of their rank and position description. Think A&P Educator Expectations Table and our Departmental APT Criteria for faculty.

Today we celebrate professional growth recognized in the form of promotion in rank of 21 A&P and 2 faculty colleagues. A&P professionals promoted in the 2023 class include:

  • A&P Educator I to II (7)

Liz Avers (Wood 4-H), Kristen Eisenhauer (Mahoning ANR/4-H), Alisha Faudie (Geauga 4-H), Katie Hughes (Shelby 4-H), Emily Masters (Butler 4-H), Haley Palmer (Huron 4-H), Jess Soffee (Lucas 4-H)

  • A&P Educator II to III (2)

Alisha Barton (Miami FCS), Carrie Brown (Fairfield ANR)

  • A&P Educator III to IV (12)

Amanda Bennett (Miami ANR), Amanda Bohlen (Washington FCS), Kelly Coble (Allen 4-H), Rachel Fraley (Lawrence 4-H), Sue Hogan (Franklin 4-H), Dean Kreager (Licking ANR), Dan Lima (Belmont ANR), Tracie Montague (Clinton 4-H), Joy Sharp (Pickaway 4-H), Laura Stanton (Warren FCS), Meghan Thoreau (Pickaway CD), and Kristy Watters (Adams 4-H)  

  • Faculty promoted include:

Pam Bennett, Clark County ANR and State MG Program Director (to professor)

Brian Raison, Field Specialist CD (to professor)

The process of applying for promotion is like applying for a new job. You document your qualifications, skills, experience and meaningful accomplishments. You also describe what you have achieved in ways that enable others to reasonably assume you can succeed in the role for which you are applying. Why do we do this? You want to continue to be challenged and grow as a professional. Your employer wants to ensure you can continue to be successful when tasked with higher level responsibilities.

Our collective goal is to help each other continue the upward trajectory in a way that is manageable, healthy, and sustainable. Key in doing so is understanding how the expectations vary depending on one’s rank. Do you know the rank of those you are working with? Do you know the expectations of their rank and of your own? Let’s continue to think about and prioritize how we nurture and support each other.

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