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Pathway Forward

The Ohio State University aims to be recognized worldwide for the quality and impact of its research, teaching, and service; key responsibilities of tenure-track faculty at the institution (3335-06-02). A mindset of continuous growth and improvement strengthens us, our collaborators, and teams and creates the potential for individual, organizational, and community excellence.

Excellence of this magnitude has the potential to make us healthy, happy, highly functioning Extension professionals and ultimately make Extension an employer of choice. Such excellence requires us to know and understand the expectations.

Regardless of rank as an A&P educator or faculty professional in the Department of Extension, a body of work is expected. Creation and maintenance of your dossier is one easy way to “see” your growing body of work and share it with others. That dossier can also help you seek balance across your various efforts and ultimately inform your direction or pathway forward. 

When you have demonstrated excellence in your current role, you may be ready for challenges that foster your continued growth and professional advancement. Our Department of Extension APT describes expectations for faculty (pp 17-20 here). A&P educator expectations are similar with respect to a body of work and are shared here.

Like any meaningful adventure, navigating professional advancement in Extension via faculty or A&P promotion requires advance planning, an understanding of the journey, and learning from others who have adventured before you. To help in that regard, Terri and I have recently updated the online guides for faculty and A&P educator promotion. Key dates, actions, roles, and responsibilities are outlined to help you plan the next leg of your journey.  Please become more familiar with these online materials to help inform your next steps.

When you are ready to talk more, come see me! Three more dates and times have been scheduled for open office hours via Zoom at this link

  1. Oct 18 9:00-10:00
  2. Oct 26 1:00-2:00
  3. Oct 31 2:00-3:00
  4. …and if these don’t work for you, let’s set something up.

The pathway may not be the same for all of us, but a pathway is waiting for you. Let’s keep traveling together.

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