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A previous post announced this year’s A&P educator and faculty promotion class. Today, we will briefly highlight the promotion celebration held for our A&P educators a few weeks ago. Roughly half of this year’s class could join along with our four state program leaders too. If you were unable to join, you can view/listen to the brief recording here.

If you prefer the much-abbreviated notes version, keep reading to see the top take-aways:

  1. Promotion in rank is like starting a new position. With promotion, you have higher-level expectations. See the A&P educator expectations table here.  
  2. How will you approach your work to meet or exceed expectations of your new rank? Like starting a new position, don’t wait to visit with your colleagues, program leader(s), area leader, etc about engaging in specific activities, pursuing contributions, addressing audiences, etc. Collectively, our goal is to help you grow as a professional. We build on existing and previous efforts. I am always happy to talk with you about your work and what comes next. Send me a note if you would like to set up a time to visit.
  3. If you have thoughts about pursuing the opportunity for a faculty appointment we should visit soon. If you are A&P IV and you are wondering about how to move ahead, consider these three steps: A) let’s find a time to talk soon, B) get a look at the materials posted here, and C) it’s time to start building out your dossier (if you have not already – FYI, you can download the dossier outline from a link on the right-hand side of this OAA page.)
  4. If you don’t know yet what you don’t know and want to just drop by to learn from others, we have had three very informal Open Office Hours via Zoom in early August and have more scheduled (below) at this link:
    1. August 24 – 11:00-noon
    2. September 6 – 9:00-10:00 am
    3. September 19 – 11:00-noon
    4. …and if these don’t work for you, let’s set something up.

I hope you have had a great summer and are looking forward to fall!