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We have talked about the value of being part of the land-grant institution on these pages in the past. One thing about that which is particularly appealing to me is the focus on learning. The notion that working together we can identify solutions and capitalize on opportunities in ways that we could not otherwise is the essence of Extension work. It is also how we grow personally and professionally.

The Department of Extension is home to several hundred of us (more on that in a future post.) Over the years, literally dozens of our colleagues have been engaged in formal degree programs while carrying out their Extension work. In addition to the desire to learn for learning’s sake, many if not most all have pursued degrees (or are currently doing so) to qualify for promotion (e.g. from A&P I to II) or career advancement (take an A&P educator or other role).

All of this learning creates a ton of knowledge, energy, and inspiration. You share it with your colleagues and your program partners. It runs through your work. It makes you better and I thank you for going above and beyond to invest in yourself. It’s what makes all of us better.

I have been involved in this work long enough to realize that we can do better. How? I am hopeful that we might leverage our investments for greater impact by learning more about your individual efforts. What degree are you pursuing? On what are you focused? What courses are you most passionate about? Will you be (or have you recently been) engaged in research?

If you are currently pursuing and/or have recently received a degree within the last three years (any and all degrees from anywhere), I’d be interested in hearing from you. Please let me know the degree(s) and institution(s). If you are thinking about a project, thesis, or dissertation topic (and/or recently completed such) please let me know the topic(s) or question(s).

So that we might help you make the most of your investment, I look forward to hearing from you (