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A&P Promotion

Celebrating Success

It is that wonderful time of year when we recognize colleagues for the successful application for promotion in rank. What is that all about? Put simply, our A&P and faculty program professionals continually engage in a variety of functions (think programming, engagement, teaching, scholarship, service, etc). When deemed ready, they share their accomplishments across these various dimensions which are reviewed by peers and weighed against the expectations of their rank and position description.

your journey lies ahead

A&P Promotion Season

It’s that time of year again! Time to talk about A&P educator promotion. We celebrated promotion of 38 A&P educators in the 2021 class and now is the time to gear up for the 2022 class.

Thanks to Terri Fisher, we have tried to anticipate everything you need to know and organized it online to help you navigate the pathway forward. Here are the basics to get you started:

Pathway Forward

The Journey is the Destination

Last time we talked about our recent A&P Educator promotions and briefly described how applying for promotion in rank is like applying for a new job. Since that post, we’ve conducted follow-up workshops by program area to celebrate these accomplishments, talk about next steps, and get feedback on the promotion process itself. The conversations have been rich and the feedback insightful. If you joined in these conversations, thank you!

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A&P Educator Promotions - Class of 2021

A quick scan of these pages shows the word “promotion” has been used nearly four dozen times over the past year. Given that the blog is all about promotion in Extension and professional growth, this makes sense. Of course, we talk about the larger context from time to time, but if you have subscribed, I am hoping it's because you have an interest in working with others to help them grow or grow yourself professionally.

Looking Back & Looking Forward: Creating Our Path

It is hard to believe it was March 16 when we last met on these pages. My apologies to you, but higher priorities called. Well, it was largely you, and to be honest, although it has been hectic, I have enjoyed nearly every moment of it.

What am I talking about? Put simply, your path (here’s where you may want to reference a late February post focused on educator opportunities for professional growth and advancement.)


Walk the Trail with Others

“How am I doing? How does my work compare to all the others you supervise?” After walking to the downtown ice-cream stand, chatting about the weather and other small talk, this is what I asked of my supervisor at my first or second annual performance review meeting. Sitting at a picnic bench in the sunshine as cars and trucks idled by, my supervisor said, “You are doing great, just keep doing what you are doing.”


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