Ohio JCEP Membership

Ohio JCEP has two membership options-- annual or life member.

Membership Brochure – 2018

Annual membership: Any Ohio State University Extension employee with an administrative and professional (A&P) or faculty appointment, who is current with his or her dues, is an annual member of Ohio JCEP.  Annual membership in Ohio JCEP is concurrent with annual membership in National ESP, and by extension, the Ohio Alpha Eta Chapter of ESP. Membership in other National Professional Program Area Associations is optional and is facilitated by Ohio JCEP. 

Life membership:  Annual members who retire and pay lifetime dues are life members of Ohio JCEP.  Life members have the right to attend all meetings and take part in all discussions.

All Annual and Life members have voting priviledges.

2017 Membership Roster

2016 Membership Roster

2014 Membership Lists