Membership Recruitment and Retention

The Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee actively works to recruit, retain and involve all Ohio JCEP-eligible Ohio State University Extension personnel; promotes effective working relationships and a spirit of fellowship among members; works closely with the Marketing Committee.

Chair: Kathy Goins -

Ohio JCEP Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee Guidelines

October 21, 2020 Meeting Notes

The Membership, Recruitment and Retention Committee met and discussed the status of the proposed changes to the Ohio JCEP Membership brochure to include CCS and Affiliate membership information. Debby Lewis is continuing to work on the brochure. It was also discussed that we need to add the Policy Committee to both the website and the brochure. The Policy Committee change will be sent to Cheryl Buck to update the Ohio JCEP web page.

Debbie Lewis gave the current status of the 2020 Membership Drive. As of the morning of 10/21/19 , there registrations are as follows: Full Membership-246; Affiliate Membership-32; ESP Membership 214; NACAA Membership-68; NACDEP Membership-18; NAE4-HA Membership-97; NEAFCS Membership-40; ANREP Membership-13; NAEPSDP Membership-11; CES/TERSSA Membership-41.

Debby Lewis is in contact with Michelle Smith at Central State University to coordinate a membership drive with their employees. They are working out the details so that they can join Ohio JCEP.

A request was made in regards to having an option for retirees to join Ohio JCEP. Debby Lewis indicated that we do not have a “life member” status and the committee would like to investigate that possibility.