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Post your Extension Videos on YouTube

CFAES Communications has created an OSU Extension Professional YouTube channel at  Here you can post your Extension videos on a branded site that links to other official channels for CFAES, OSU Extension and OARDC.

Videos must meet the following criteria:

  • The video must be an original made by you. This is an OSU Extension channel and we want it to feature great content created by our experts.
  • You must own the copyright to every part of the video. This includes both music and images. YouTube now checks for copyright violations. If the video is flagged for a violation we must be able to provide proof that we have proper permission. If we can’t provide proof, the video will be deleted. Music that comes from a production music library or a royalty-free music site is okay; music you would hear on TV or the radio is not.
  • Along with your video file, you will need to write a title, description and keywords that will help a search engine find your video.

To add a video to the channel, fill out the “Add Video to YouTube” form at the bottom of the Communications homepage at