Extension Annual Conference ePosters

2016 Extension Annual Conference ePosters

Educational Outreach Posters

#3 Financial Literacy for College Students: Taking Control of Your Money
Authors: Dennis DeCamp, Extension educator, FCS; Treva Williams, Extension educator, FCS

#4 Youth in Agriculture Program: Food for Thought, Food for the Future
Authors: Elizabeth Roche, ANR educator; Robin Stone, 4-H educator; Kirsten Pianka, 4-H program manager; Imani Scruggs, program coordinator

#5 Solar Energy in Agriculture: Considerations for Investing in Photovoltaic Solar Systems
Author: Eric Romich, OSU Extension field specialist, energy development

#7 Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council
Authors: Hannah Epley, Extension specialist; Becca Goodman, program assistant

#8 Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) Pregnancy Lessons – Two Options for Meeting the Needs of EFNEP Moms and Babies in Ohio
Authors: Amy Habig, EFNEP program specialist; Laura Iberkleid, EFNEP program specialist; Mari Carmen Lambea, Ohio EFNEP program director

#9 Unpacking the 4-H Charter: Online Volunteer Training Modules
Authors: Katherine Feldhues, 4-H youth development educator; Kathy Bruynis, 4-H youth development educator; Rachael Fraley, 4-H youth development educator

#10 Understanding Watershed Impact by Measuring Soil Organic Matter
Authors: Clifton Martin, Extension educator, ANR; Mark Mechling, Extension educator, ANR (retired); Chris Penrose, Extension educator, ANR

#11 Capturing Impact of Fertilizer Certification Training
Authors: Mary Griffith, ANR educator; John Schoenhals, ANR educator; Amanda Douridas, ANR educator; Ed Lentz, ANR educator

#12 Growing School Gardening through 4-H Project Green Teacher
Author: Sue Hogan, educator, 4-H youth development

#15 Choices for Better Outcomes: A Multi-Faceted Approach for Parents and Youth Involved with Juvenile Court Systems
Authors: Treva Williams, Extension educator, FCS; Dennis DeCamp, Extension educator, FCS; Lisa Kepler, program assistant, SNAp-Ed

Ideas in Action Posters

#18 Twelve Time Management Solutions for 4-H Professionals
Author: Tim Tanner, county director and 4-H educator

#20 Adventure Central: An Investment in Impact
Authors: Nate Arnett, educator; Kim Catchpole, educator; Angela Collie, program coordinator

#21 LOOK: Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders Today
Authors: Margaret Jenkins, Extension educator; Gigi Neal, Extension educator; Trevor Corboy, program coordinator

#22 Build a Productive Team with Positivity
Authors: Shannon Carter, Extension educator; Lisa Barlage, Extension educator

#24 It Takes a Village… to Run a Successful Social Marketing Campaign: Ohio SNAP-Ed’s Initiative to Increase Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Across the State
Author: Elizabeth Hustead, SNAP-Ed social marketing coordinator

#27 Head, Heart, Hands, Health, and Homeruns
Authors: Christy Millhouse, Extension educator; Betty Wingerter, Extension educator; Rhonda Williams, Extension educator; Rebecca Supinger, Extension educator; Demetria Woods, Extension educator

#28 Connecting and Collaborating: Grants to Support Improvements
Authors: Ken Martin, associate director, department chair; Karen Bruns, OSU Extension faculty emeritus

#29 Connecting National Resources to Local Consumers
Authors: Patrice Powers-Barker, Extension educator, FCS; Suzanne Saggese, SNAP-Ed program coordinator; Amy Stone, Extension educator, ANR

#30 Investing in Teens to Impact Health: Ohio 4-H Healthy Living Advocate Program
Authors: Carol Smathers, field specialist, youth nutrition and wellness; Theresa Ferrari, Extension specialist, 4-H youth development

#32 4-H Cutting Board Challenge
Authors: Kelly Coble, 4-H educator; Amanda Raines, 4-H program assistant; Jason Hedrick, 4-H educator

#33 WeGrill: Partnering Across Program Areas
Authors: Mark Light, 4-H educator; Jim Bates, family field specialist; Dan Remley, nutrition field specialist; Jami Dellifi, FCS educator; Amanda Raines, 4-H program assistant; David Crawford, 4-H educator; Deanna Wilkinson, associate professor of human ecology

Research Posters

#34 Maximizing the Gains of Old and New Energy Development for America’s Rural Communities
Authors: Eric Romich, OSU Extension field specialist, energy development; David Civittolo, OSU Extension field specialist, community economics; Nancy Bowen, OSU Extension field specialist, community economics

#35 Opportunities and Resources for Conducting On-Farm Research with OSU Extension
Authors: Martin Clifton, ANR educator; Mary Griffith, ANR educator; Bruce Clevenger, ANR educator

#36 Utilizing Urease Inhibitors for Stockpiling Fescue
Authors: Chris Penrose, Extension educator; Mark Landefeld, Extension educator; Jeff McCutcheon, Extenson educator

#37 Evaluating Urea Nitrogen Losses In Stockpiled Forages
Authors: Mark Landefeld, ANR educator; Chris Penrose, ANR educator

#38 A Summary of Three Years of Corn Nitrogen Rate Trials in Fulton County
Author: Eric Richer, Extension educator, ANR

#39 Breaking Down The Walls: Building Inclusive Communities
Authors: Karima Samadi, HEAL MAPPS research and Extension coordinator; Dan Remley, field specialist, food, nutrition and wellness

Undergraduate / Graduate Student Posters

#40 Assessing the Scientific Productivity of OARDC and CFAES-Supported SEEDS Grant-Funded Scientists
Author: Julie Aldridge, graduate research associate

#41 Development of an innovative and interactive educational program for use by Extension professionals to facilitate training of swine farm caretakers
Author: Caitlyn Mullins, graduate research assistant

#42 Agriculture's Eye in the Sky: Flight Basics for Drones
Authors: Brooke Beam, graduate student; Annie Specht, assistant professor

#44 Assessing Ohio 4-H Club Healthy Living Practices: A Survey of Ohio 4-H Club Leaders
Authors: Kaitlyn Riemenschneider, 4-H healthy living coordinator; Theresa Ferrari, state 4-H office

#46 Opportunities for Extension with Farm to Preschool
Author: Suzanne Saggese, graduate student