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Capacity Funding

Top 10 Reasons Why Capacity Funding is Essential

A statement on capacity funding prepared August 20, 2013 by the ECOP Budget and Legislative Committee.

In 2014, Cooperative Extension (Extension) celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the Smith-Lever Act, the founding legislation for Cooperative Extension. … Extension translates science for practical applications; engages with the public by providing reliable information leading to positive action; and transforms individuals, families, communities and businesses in rural and urban areas.

Capacity funding is essential:

  1.     To change lives.
  2.     To provide rapid response.
  3.     To continually engage with the public.
  4.     To leverage state and local funding.
  5.     To solidify the legislated partnership with USA-NIFA.
  6.     To operate as a national system.
  7.     To develop partnerships.
  8.     To compete in the federal grants environment.
  9.     To inform research questions and translate science to practice.
  10.     To reduce expenditures on mandated programs.

Complete statement – PDF