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Communiqué November 23, 2011

Interact with OSU Extension Online

OSU Extension is developing a significant online presence, and you can now find links to OSUE’s various social media applications in one place.

At the bottom left corner of the main Extension Web site (, there is an “Interact with Us” block. You can click on the individual links below that block – but if you click directly on the “Interact with Us” statement, you’ll be linked to one page that contains our YouTube URL; Twitter feeds from Keith, Dr. Moser and the college; our Facebook site; blogs, news feeds, photos, and other online information.

New Extension IT Support Model

-Robert B. Luikart, chief information officer, College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

At its October meeting, the Extension Administrative Cabinet adopted a new Information Technology (IT) support model in response to the changing needs of Extension's operations on campus and across the state. The new model will be capable of adapting to the future demands of a potentially smaller, more mobile workforce with increasing needs for technology services.

Over the coming months, the IT support technicians will begin steps to implement the new support model. Their activities will include: 

  • An inventory of all county-based computer systems to determine a replacement schedule (assuming a four-year cycle).
  • An inventory of county office network bandwidth and identification of options where minimum bandwidth levels are not present.
  • Development of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for all offices and mobile users.
  • Exploration of service depot options (outsourcing vs. in-house) and remapping of service territories.
  • Preparation for the management of mobile computing devices.

The new support model is based on IT industry standards such as those from the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), and it will place renewed emphasis on the IT Help Desk and technology training for Extension professionals. This will ultimately provide more efficient IT processing and handling, and a more efficient system for users, with lower costs and best practices implemented system-wide.

Please plan to assist the IT support staff as they begin their work to inventory computer systems and network services at your location.

eTimekeeping and eLeave

As part of an on-going effort to streamline processes and strengthen internal controls, the university has developed a new procedure for bi-weekly paid employees to submit eTimesheets, and also a new procedure for both bi-weekly and monthly paid employees to request eLeave (vacation and sick).

Bi-weekly paid employees will begin using these new procedures effective pay period 13 (Dec 4-17, 2011). Monthly paid employees will begin using the new eLeave procedure in January 2012 to request leave only (no timesheet is required).

All bi-weekly paid employees (regulars, temps, students) will access a university Web site to submit their own eTimesheets online. Unlike in the past, all biweekly employees will now be required to submit an eTimesheet every pay period for hours worked, even if they have no leave to report. If an eTimesheet is not submitted, you will not be paid. Biweekly and monthly paid employees will request their own eLeave (vacation and sick) online as well. No longer will you need to fax timesheets or leave forms to the OSU Extension HR for entry into the payroll system. Nor will there be a ‘timekeeper’ in each county/state unit who will provide this service for everyone in the unit.

Extension HR will still serve as your informational headquarters and will be monitoring all online entries that have been submitted by you before the information is loaded for paychecks to be issued. The entire university population will be accessing this new Web site, and it has been designed to be very user-friendly. The majority of the colleges on campus are already using this new online eTimesheet and eLeave procedure; the final implementation date is the end of December 2011.

The week after Thanksgiving , every employee (regular, temporary, student) will receive more detailed information about these new procedures via e-mail and the information will also be posted on the Extension HR Web site under Payroll. Make sure you have updated your OSU e-mail password at, as e-mail will be the primary communication tool used to let you know whether your eTimesheets and/or eLeave requests have been approved or denied by your supervisor.

Additionally, supervisors will be receiving more detailed information about the new procedures to approve/deny eTimesheet and/or eLeave requests via e-mail and the information will also be posted on the Extension HR Web site under Payroll.

Business Office Reminder – How to Report Suspected Financial Irregularities

If you believe that someone you work with is not conducting business according to the University’s and the state’s ethics guidelines, you have many resources to report these suspicions.

  • First – if you feel comfortable, talk with your supervisor regarding the situation.
  • Second – if you do not feel comfortable with your supervisor, talk with your regional director (if you’re in a county) and/or with Ken Martin.
  • Third – if you do not feel comfortable with those individuals, contact Keith Smith, Cindy Buxton or Brian McClain.
  • Last – if all else fails, the University has an anonymous reporting line. You can find out more information online or by calling 1-866-294-9350.

The important thing is to share concerns before they turn into a larger issue.

For-Sale Publications Policy Change

Effective July 1, 2011, a new policy was instituted and approved by the CFAES Vice President’s Cabinet relating to for-sale publications. Originating units in CFAES will pay the printing charges for Extension and OARDC for-sale publications, and they will be reimbursed for units sold on an annual basis.

Contact Dave Scardena (614-292-9607, to discuss this policy (see attached file) in detail and to explore options available for selling and pricing publications.

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CFAES Mobile Computing Device Purchasing Policy

-Robert B. Luikart, chief information officer, College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

Recently the CFAES Vice President's Cabinet approved a policy for the purchase and use of tablet computers, smart phones, and other mobile computing devices. This policy evolved from earlier work by OSU Extension. 

The college understands the popularity of mobile computing devices and how they might benefit our faculty and staff. Thus, Communications and Technology was directed to develop a configuration and support plan for these devices. The plan will ensure that devices can be made as secure as possible so they can be used for OSU business and will include a list of recommended devices that are supported by the CFAES IT community. Communications and Technology has begun a pilot of mobile device management tools, and the CFAES IT Advisory Council is reviewing a draft of the support plan.

If you already own or are using a smart phone, tablet computer, or other consumer-based device to connect to OSU applications and services, please contact the CFAES CIO, Rob Luikart, to ensure that the device can be made as secure as possible. The CFAES CIO or your departmental computer technician can work with you to ensure that the available security features are installed and configured correctly.

New Animal Science Chair Announced

-Bobby D. Moser, vice president for agricultural administration and dean, College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

After an extensive national search and a review of broad-based input from many of you, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Ronald S. Kensinger to chair of the Department of Animal Sciences. Subject to the approval by the University’s Board of Trustees, his appointment will begin January 1.

Dr. Kensinger has an extensive record of achievement in higher education. Most recently, he has served as department head and professor of the Department of Animal Sciences at Oklahoma State University. Previously, he served as professor of animal nutrition/physiology and associate director of the Intercollege Graduate Program in Nutrition at Penn State University.

Dr. Kensinger graduated with his Bachelor of Science in animal science and a Master of Science in dairy science from the University of Illinois – Urbana, and a doctorate in animal science from the University of Florida.

Nationally renowned for his significant leadership contributions to academia and the animal sciences industry, Dr. Kensinger brings to Ohio State exceptional experience and vision to lead the Department of Animal Sciences to the next levels of success.

Many thanks to Dr. Joe Hogan for his tremendous leadership and service as the Department’s interim chair throughout the last year, along with thanks to Dr. Jerry Bigham, who willingly postponed his retirement plans to provide additional leadership as the interim associate chair. Finally, thanks are extended to the Animal Science Chair Search Committee, led by Jeff Firkins, and all who participated in this important process.

Please join me in welcoming Ron to The Ohio State University. I am confident he will be an outstanding addition to our College’s leadership team.

Outreach and Engagement Awards - Submit Nominations by December 20

Are you involved in an exceptional outreach and engagement program? The Office of Outreach and Engagement encourages you to submit a partnership to serve as the university's nominee for the national C. Peter Magrath University Community Engagement Award. For more information and to submit your project, visit Nominations must be submitted online by December 20. Contact: 614-247-7795 or