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Communiqué January 30, 2011

WebEx Meeting Center and WebEx Event Center Reminders and Contacts

A reminder…Extension now owns a WebEx Event Center license. Event Center is a WebEx product designed to facilitate the hosting of online sessions with a large number of attendees, such as Web-based seminars, training sessions, and marketing events. The service offers many enhanced features for managing registration, attendance, and support for multi-event program management.

Extension's Event Center license provides for sessions with up to 500 attendees per session. Only presenters incur a charge for audio minutes; attendees connect for free. This presents a major cost savings over the use of WebEx Meeting Center for large meetings. When existing WebEx Meeting Center sessions exceed 25 people, there is an additional cost of $15 per person beyond the 25-person maximum. The Business Office will invoice for meetings that exceed 25 attendees and are not scheduled via the Event Center.

The host for Event Center scheduling is Kennetha Peebles. Please contact Kennetha to make arrangements for a session ( There is also an online request form to arrange WebEx Event Center sessions:

Please be aware that Event Center scheduling is handled on a first come, first-served basis. Check to see if the time you want is available before you publicize a particular day/time for an event using this link –– to see the current schedule of WebEx Event Center meetings. You can find out more information about Event Center online.

If the meeting for which you need to use WebEx is for 25 or fewer attendees, please see the information below:
The individuals listed below will be able to help you schedule a WebEx meeting. In an effort to distribute use across all license holders, we have noted priority contacts for each host. Any host may assist in scheduling a meeting, but first contact the individual with noted priority for your group.

Please note:We are only able to schedule one meeting per license at a specific time. Currently, we can hold up to 12 meetings at any one time across our system. By contacting one of the individuals below, you may schedule a meeting. If your requested meeting time is already allotted to another group, the scheduler/host will refer you to another contact on the list. You can browse the list of scheduled meetings by going to osu.webex.comand clicking the “Browse Meetings” link (under “Attend a Meeting”).

When scheduling a meeting, please provide the following information:

  1. Title of meeting
  2. Date
  3. Time
  4. Length

The following hosts will assist you in scheduling a WebEx meeting for 25 or fewer participants. License holders are:

  • Cheryl Fischnich ( host for North East Region, EERA, and county meetings
  • Vickie Snyder ( host for South Central Region, EERA, and county meetings
  • Carol Bottoms ( host for West Region, EERA, and county meetings
  • Tom Archer/Lisa Jinks ( host for 4-H specialists and specialization teams
  • Kirk Bloir/Sandy Bryan ( host for FCS specialists and specialization teams
  • Sandy Odrumsky ( host for CD specialists and specialization teams
  • Teresa Funk ( host for ANR specialists and specialization teams
  • Beth Rigsby ( host for specialists and specialization teams
  • Debby Lewis ( host for Program Development & Evaluation and training efforts
  • Toni Bahnsen ( host for Human Resources and training efforts
  • Lisa Dune ( host for Administration and training efforts
  • Rob Luikart ( administrator -- questions and assistance