Chi Epsilon Sigma
Standing Committees
(Chair Assignments)

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Membership and Years of Service Awards Committee This committee will verify and establish the years of service with Extension and plan for awards in the 5-year levels. This committee will conduct the initiation of new members at the annual meeting. Membership Secretary (Chair)
Nominating Committee This committee will secure nominations from the membership and prepare a slate for all officer and director positions to be presented to the membership. Biographical sketches will be obtained from each officer/director candidate. Nomination forms will be presented to each prospective nominee. Vice President (Chair)
Fundraiser Committee Plan, promote, and prepare Silent Auction at Support Staff Conference/Annual Meeting: contact each office (via emails, phone calls, etc.) for donations, and collect proceeds and give to the Secretary/Treasurer for deposit. Create theme ideas for baskets and designate board members to donate to each theme. Develop the tickets, fliers, and other promotional ideas and get the baskets/wrapping. Other fundraising decided upon by board: i.e. OSU Extension shirt orders. Administrative Liaison (Chair) Secretary/Treasurer
CES Annual Meeting Committee The committee will plan the agenda, meal, speakers and guests, program and all physical arrangements for the Annual Meeting. President (Chair)
Budget & Finance Committee This committee will develop a budget for the upcoming year. The committee will track and maintain records of the appropriated Development Fund and the Support Conference Fund.
Secretary/Treasurer (Chair)
Past President
Vice President
Outreach Committee This committee wil communicate with each Sister Chapter and provide up-dated information for our web page. It will also make connections with all chapters if they wish to participate in our Annual Meeting. Annalist (Chair)
Professional Improvement Committee This committee will follow established criteria for awarding two $200 Professional Development Awards annually. Responsibilities include: promotion of the award, the selection process and follow-up with winners. This committee also serves as liaison between CES members and OSU Extension Leadership Center when the fraternity wishes to donate leadership resources to the Leadership Center. Vice President (Chair) Director of Extension Past Recipient
Constitution & Bylaws Committee This committee will be responsible for reviewing and updating the Constitution and Bylaws.
Past President (Chair) President
Vice President
Membership & Annual Meeting Scholarship Committee
This committee will be responsible in the decision making process of giving 6 scholarships for the $15 CES memberships, and 1 $100 Annual Meeting Scholarship.
Membership Secretary (Co-Chair)
Administrative Liaison (Co-Chair)
Support Staff Conference Activities Committee In cooperation with Human Resources and support staff volunteers. This committee will plan social acivities to enhance professional as well as personal involvement of Fraternity members on a statewide basis as well as encourage regional acivities.
Past President (Chair)
Recognition Committee Newsletter/Brochure/Web Page Contest: This committee will promote the contest via newsletters (CES, Communique, etc.), listservs (CES, Misc Extension, etc.), email reminders and update web page each year for guidelines and application. The committee provides the plaques and may present the awards at the Annual Meeting.
Comm Tech
Dorothy Rex Inspirational Award: This committee will promote nominations for the award via email and get those applications to Dorothy who will make the decision and she then may present it at the Annual Meeting.
Dorothy Rex
Kathy Gamle
As other various awards of recognition are established, this committee will be responsible for the selection process and recommendation of the appropriate recognition. Historian (Chair)
Mentoring Committee This committee will provide assistance to the coordinator in fulfilling this officer's obligations to the State-wide Mentor Program and Committee. Mentor Coordinator (Chair)
Excellence in Extension Award Selection Committee  
Membership Secretary (Co-Chair)
Past President (Co-Chair)

Note: Past committee chairs are expected to provide guidance to the next committee. Each committee is to provide a report of their activity at each CES Board Meeting.