CES Leadership

CES Officers

President – Presides over all meetings of the Alpha Chapter of CES, the CES Executive Board, the CES Executive Committee and serves as the CES representative at all OJCEP meetings.
Vice President – Performs the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President and serves as a CES representative (along with the CES President) at all OJCEP meetings. In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, shall become President and assume the duties of the office for the unexpired term.
Secretary – Maintains complete records of meetings.
Treasurer – Maintains complete records of all financial matters. Receives and disburses all funds of Alpha Chapter, CES. Works closely with Treasurer of OJCEP. Skills needed: knowledge and experience with Extension’s Fiscal System.
Membership Secretary – Maintains membership rolls, handles all correspondence pertaining to membership, enrollment, and renewal. Works closely with Membership Secretary of OJCEP. Skills needed: knowledge and experience with current OSU supported database program.
Annalist – Compiles and edits articles for the quarterly newsletter; maintains the CES web page. Skills needed: knowledge and experience with Extension’s web development system.
Historian – Maintains the CES fraternity historic records.
CFAES SAC Liaison – The CFAES SAC Representative serves as the liaison between CES membership and CFAES SAC. (SAC = Staff Advisory Council)
Support Staff Liaison – Build relations between CES members including making contact with new support staff employees.
Past President – Serves in an advisory capacity for CES fraternal business.

See Constitution & Bylaws and Standing Rules for in-depth decriptions of officer roles and committee responsibilities.



Vice President

Adam Ziadeh - Program Assistant - The Ohio State University | LinkedIn

Adam Ziadeh                    

256 Howlett Hall - Kotterman Hall
2001 Fyffe Ct.
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: 614-88-5414
Email: ziadeh.4

Carol Wagner

Carol Wagner                 

OSU Extension - Operations/Hardin County
1021 West Lima Street, Suite 103
Kenton, Ohio 43326

Phone: 419-674-2297
Email:  wagner.1142




2-year Term 


2-year Term 

Marianne Guthrie

Marianne Guthrie

OSUE Ross County
475 Western Avenue, Suite F
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601

Phone: 740-702-3200
Email: guthrie.76


Kay Kramer

Kay Kramer

OSUE Union County
18000 State Route 4, Suite E
Marysville, Ohio 43040

Phone: 7937-644-8117
Email: kramer.578


2-year Term 

Membership Secretary

2-year Term 

Ashley Gerber

Ashley Gerber

OSUE Holmes County
75 East Clinton St., Suite 109
Millersburg. Ohio 44654

Phone: 330.674.3015
Email: gerber.248

Paige Matney

Paige Matney

OSUE Lawrence County
1 Veterans Square
Ironton, Ohio 45638

Phone: 740-533-4322
Email: matney.30


2-year Term 

Support Staff Liaison

2-year Term 

Vickie Snyder | Extension Operations

Vickie Snyder

OSU Extension - Operations
16714 Wolf Run Road
Caldwell, Ohio 43724

Phone: 740-732-2381
Email: snyder.252

LeeAnn Johnson

Lee Ann Johnson

OSU Extension - Operation
16714 Wolf Run Road
Caldwell, Ohio 43724

Phone: 740-732-2381
Email:  johnson.82

Staff Advisory Council Liaison

3-year Term 

Past President


Terri Fisher

Terri Fisher

OSU Extension Administration
3 Ag. Admin. Building
2120 Fyffe Road
Columbus, Ohio 43210

Phone: 614-292-3860
Email: fisher.456

Beth Young | Butler

Beth Young

OSUE Butler County
1802 Princeton Road
Hamilton, Ohio 45011

Phone: 513-887-3722
Email: young.1414