Honorary Members

Honorary Members

“Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.”

Chi Epsilon Sigma is appreciative of the encouragement and support provided by co-workers and administration since 1986. They have stretched our thinking and our stamina, and strengthened our foundations. CES has benefitted from their experience and wisdom.

Though not an annual event, CES has recognized 20 Honorary Members from 1987-2012. A complete list is available inthe CES History section of this website.

A highlight of the first annual meeting of CES in October 1987 was the recognition of our first Honorary Members: Dr. J. Michael Sprott, Director; Dr. Clarence Cunningham, Associate Director; Dr. Frederick Hutchison, VP, Ag Admin; Carlene Hamilton, Secretary to the Director; Dr. Keith Smith, Leader Personnel Development. These people were our “guardian angels” giving form to the vision of this fledgling organization.

The 1992 annual meeting marked our 5 year milestone. University President E. Gordon Gee honored us by speaking at our meeting and accepting our invitation to become an Honorary Member. Five of our earlier Honorees were in attendance to celebrate the occasion: Dr, Bobby Moser, Carlene Hamilton, Dr. Jo Jones, Shirley Brooks Jones and Dr. Clarence Cunningham.

Most recently, Beth Flynn was recognized as an Honorary Member in 2012 for her support of a regional professional development program open to all Extension staff. Beth agreed to travel the state providing StrengthFinder Training at 6 different locations throughout Ohio.

From time to time CES honors others in Extension for their partnership and support of this organization.  Honorary Membership is bestowed as a small token of our respect and appreciation to those who have enhanced our organization and members through their efforts.

Nominations may come to the Board from the membership and are acted on at the October board meeting and are announced at the Annual Meeting in December.

Past Recipients are

1987 Dr. Clarence Cunningham Associate Director, OSU Extension
1987 Carlene Hamilton, CPS Secretary to Director of Extension
1987 Dr. Keith Smith Leader, Personnel Development
1987 Dr. J. Michael Sprott Director, OSU Extension
1988 Dr. Frederick Hutchison Vice President, Ag Admin
1988 Dr. Bobby D. Moser Director, OSU Extension
1989 Dr. Shirley Brooks Jones Assistant to VP Ag Admin
1990 Dr. Jo Jones Associate Director, OSU Extension
1992 Dr. E. Gordon Gee President, The Ohio State University
1993 Dr. Nikki L. Conklin Associate Director, OSU Extension
1996 Ella Mae Bard FCS Agent, Knox County
2000 Linda Kutelik Leader, New Personnel Development
2001 Dr. Joe Heimlich Leader, Environmental Sciences
2001 Dr. Jeffery E. King Assistant Director, 4-H Youth Development
2003 Dr. James Connor Assistant Professor, CFAES
2004 Steve Lichtensteiger Systems Manager, CommTech
2004 John Victor Graphics Design Specialist, CommTech
2007 Cindy Tschanen Buxton Asst Manager, Business Office
2012 Beth Flynn Program Specialist, OSU Leadership Center