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CES Past Officers

President Secretary- as of 2016 Administrative Liaison- Up through 2019
Vice President Treasurer- as of 2016 Support Staff Liaison- as of 2019
President Elect- Up through 2002 Membership Secretary CFAES SAC Liaison- Officer Position as of 2019
Secretary/ Treasurer- Up through 2016 Annalist Mentor Coordinator- 2006 through 2019
  Historian Past President


President ~ 2nd of 3-Year Term, rotating to Past President

1986-89 Dorothy Rex Knox County
1989-90 Irene Moore Ashland County
1990-91 Marilyn Bloom Ottawa County
1991-92 Becky Hooper East District
1992-93 Evelyn Roediger Community Development
1993-94 Terri Clark Administration
1994-95 Jill King Leadership Center
1995-96 Kathy Bulka Medina County
1996-97 Lee Ann Johnson East District
1997-98 Pat Myers Logan County
1998-99 Barbara Brackman South District
1999-00 Karon Dellinger Franklin County
2000-01 Michelle Chambers FCS Administration
2001-02 Cheryl Engle Northwest District
2002-03 Karen Barnhart Holmes County
2003-04 Peg Meents Hancock County
2004-05 Vickie Snyder South East Region
2005-06 Teresa Funk Ag & Natural Resources
2006-07 Carol Bunn West Region
2007-08 Carolyn Hall OSUE Administration
2008-09 Kathryn Mohler Montgomery County
2009-10 Linda Newman Clark County
2010-11 Mary Alice Shupp Butler County (resigned office May 2011)
2011-12 Linda Good Miami County
2012-13 Patty Corfman West Region
2013-14 Marianne Guthrie Ross County
2014-15 Michelle Moon/Debbie Delp Carroll County/Warren County
2015-16 Crystal Ott State 4-H
2016-17 Michelle Moon Carroll County
2017-18 Angie Keshock Columbiana County
2018-19 Beth Young Butler County
2019-20 Adam Ziadeh State ANR
2020 Carol Wagner Operations Admin
2020-22 Patty Corfman Operations Columbus, to fill vacancy
2022-23 Christina Byrd Franklin County


President-Elect- this position no longer part of the board as of 2002

1986-89 Irene Moore Ashland County
1989-90 Marilyn Bloom Ottawa County
1990-91 Becky Hooper East District
1991-92 Evelyn Roediger Community Development
1992-93 Terri Clark Administration
1993-94 Jill King Leadership Center
1994-95 Kathy Bulka Medina County
1995-96 Lee Ann Johnson East District
1996-97 Pat Myers Logan County
1997-98 Barbara Brackman South Centers at Piketon
1998-99 Karon Dellinger Franklin County
1999-00 Michelle Chambers FCS Administration
2000-01 Cheryl Engle Northwest District  (assumed presidency
2001-02 Mary Reedy Jackson County (resigned)


Vice President ~ 1st of 3-Year Term, rotating to President

1987-89 Marilyn Bloom Ottawa County
1989-90 Becky Hooper East District
1990-91 Evelyn Roediger Community Development
1991-92 Terri Clark Southwest District
1992-93 Jill King Leadership Center
1993-94 Kathy Bulka Medina County
1994-95 Lee Ann Johnson East District
1995-96 Pat Myers Logan County
1996-97 Barbara Brackman South Centers at Piketon
1997-98 Karon Dellinger Franklin County
1998-99 Michele Edwards FCS Administration
1999-00 Cheryl Engle Northwest District
2000-01 Mary Reedy Jackson County
2001-02 Karen Barnhart Holmes County
2002-03 Peggy Meents Hancock County
2003-04 Vickie Snyder East District
2004-05 Evelyn Yoakam Mahoning County
2005-06 Carol Bunn West Region
2006-07 Carolyn Hall Center at Lima
2007-08 Kathryn Mohler Montgomery County
2008-09 Linda Newman Clark County
2009-10 Mary Alice Shupp Butler County
2010-11 Linda Good Miami County (assumed presidency May 2011)
2011 Peg Meents Hancock County (completed Linda's unexpired term)
2011-12 Patty Corfman West Region
2012-13 Leah Meranda Clermont County
2013-14 Michelle Moon Carroll County
2014-15 Crystall Ott State 4-H
2015-16 Michelle Moon Carroll County
2016-17 Angie Keshock Columbiana County
2017-18 Beth Young Butler County
2018-19 Adam Ziadeh State ANR
2019-20 Carol Wagner Operations Admin
2020 Patty Corfman Operations Columbus- transitioned into President
2020-21 Beth Young Butler County, returned to fill vacancy
2022 Christina Byrd Franklin County
2023 Faye Wilson Athens County


Secretary-Treasurer ~ this combined position was separated into two individual positions (Secretary and Treasurer) as of 2016

1986-89 Becky Hooper East District
1989-90 Evelyn Roediger Communication & Technology
1990-91 Betty Marlow Wood County
1991-92 Melody Bryant Richland County
1992-93 Marie Bouic Union County
1993-94 Kathryn Mohler Montgomery County
1994-95 Kathy Gamble Knox County
1995-96 Evelyn Yoakam Mahoning County
1996-97 Rhonda Wildman South District
1997-98 Dawn Ford Belmont County
1998-99 Nancy Miller Franklin County
1999-01 Linda Ferguson Hardin County
2001-03 Kathy Picklesimer Union County
2003-12 Kris Simpson Huron County
2012-13 Tami Combs Highland County
2013-15 Lisa Murphy Business Office


Secretary ~ Position split from Treasurer in 2016, elected in ODD numbered years, 2-Year Term

2015-17 Dawnn Brown Extension Administration
2017-19 Linda Good Miami County
2019-21 Kay Kramer Union County
2021-23 Katie Gorrell Paulding County


Treasurer ~ Position split from Secretary in 2016, elected in EVEN numbered years, 2-Year Term

2015-17 Lisa Murphy Business Office
2017-20 Marianne Guthrie Ross County
2020-24 Chris Comden Defiance County


Membership Secretary ~ Elected in ODD numbered years, 2-Year Term

1986-89 Jacque Mueck Entomology
1989-91 Jill Kelley Leadership Center
1991-93 Ruby Anderson State 4-H Office
1993-95 June Tilton Richland County
1995-97 Vickie Snyder East District
1997-99 Rhonda Wildman South District
1999-01 Marie Bouic Union County
2001-03 Jenny Lindimore Morgan County
2003-04 Vicky Steele Paulding County (resigned position)
2004-05 Marie Bouic Union County
2005-07 Becky Hooper South East Region
2007-09 Lee Ann Johnson South East Region
2009-11 Melissa Hudelson Walters Miami County
2011-13 Peg Meents Hancock County
2013-15 Ann Meyer Putnam County
2015-23 Paige Matney Lawrence County


Annalist ~ Elected in EVEN numbered years, 2-Year Term

1986-87 Marilyn Bloom Ottawa County
1987-90 Karon Dellinger Franklin County
1990-92 Marie Bouic Union County
1992-94 Lee Ann Johnson East District
1994-96 Rebecca Doty Ashland County
1996-98 Liz Ingraham Clinton County
1998-00 Dawn Ford Belmont County
2000-02 Barbara Brackman South Centers at Piketon
2002-04 Lee Ann Johnson East District
2004-06 Cheryl Fischnich North Central Region
2006-08 Lisa Murphy Extension Business Office
2008-10 Kathy Griffith Logan County
2010-14 Deborah Delp Warren County
2014-16 Melissa Walters/Peg Meents Left Extension/Hancock County
2016-17 Peg Meents Hancock County
2017-18 Faye Wilson Athens County
2018-19 Vacant  
2019-22 Vickie Snyder Operations Caldwell
2022-24 Ashley Gerber Holmes County


Historian ~ Position developed in 2000, Elected in ODD Numbered Years, Originally 1-Year Term, changed to 2-Year Term in 2007

2000-01 Veronica Wilcox Vinton County
2001-02 Heather Askey Geauga County
2002-03 Judy McFarlin Ashland County
2003-04 Cynthia Toler Lucas County
2004-05 Jamie Weiner Administration
2005-06 Kaye Clay Guernsey County
2006-08 Linda Newman Clark County
2008-09 Mary Alice Shupp Butler County
2009-12 Amanda Forquer 4-H Youth Development
2012-14 Crystal Ott 4-H Youth Development
2014-16 Julie Evans Pike County
2016-18 Sarah Mays Northeast Region
2018-19 Lisa Parker Stark County/Left Extension
2019-21 Ashley Gerber Holmes County
2021-23 vacant  
2023-25 Vickie Snyder Operations Caldwell


Administrative Liaison ~ Originally 1-Year Term, changed to 2-Year Term in 2007, replaced position with Support Staff Liaison board position in 2019

1986-88 Micki Daniels Administration
1988-89 Micki Daniels and Betty Watkins Administration
1989-91 Phyllis Althouse Administration
1991-92 Jill Kelley King Campus Administration
1992-93 Jacque Mueck Entomology
1993-94 Terri Harper State 4-H Office
1994-95 Michele Hobbs Horticulture
1995-96 Ruby Anderson State 4-H Office
1996-97 Jill King Leadership Center
1997-98 Michele Hobbs Horticulture
1998-99 Sandy Bryan FCS Administration
1999-00 Jill King Leadership Center
2000-01 Michelle Totman (resigned position)
2001-02 Liz Barringer Smith Community Development (resigned position)
2002-03 Jill King Leadership Center
2003-04 Ruby Anderson State 4-H Office
2004-05 Teresa Funk Ag & Natural Resources
2005-06 Lisa Murphy Extension Business Office
2006-07 Jamie Weiner Extension Administration
2007-09 Jennifer Kiel Extension Administration
2009-11 Patty Corfman West Region
2011-12 Vickie Snyder South Central Region
2012-17 Beth Young Butler County
2017-2019 Vacant  

Support Staff Liaison ~ created position in 2019 to replace Administrative Liaison, Elected in EVEN numbered years, 2-Year Term

2019-2020 Lee Ann Johnson OSU Extension Operations
2020 Heather Keller Harrison County, to fill vacancy left by retirement
2021-22 Lori Moff Mahoning County
2022 Beth Young Butler County- left Extension
2023-24 Heather Keller Harrison County

CFAES Staff Advisory Liaison ~ Director position made an Officer position in 2019, Elected every 3 years to match SAC rotation

2019-22 Terri Fisher Administration
2022-25 Teresa Funk ANR Admin



Mentor Coordinator ~ Position created in 2006, 2-Year Term, eliminated in 2019

2006-08 Kaye Clay Guernsey County
2008-10 Deborah Delp Warren County (moved to Annalist position)
2010-11 Vacant  
2011-13 Lisa Murphy Business Office
2013-14 Lee Ann Hiatt Greene County/left Extension
2014-18 Vacant  
2018-19 Ashley Gerber Holmes County


Past President ~ 3rd Year of 3-Year Term

1989-90 Dorothy Rex Knox County
1990-91 Irene Moore Ashland County
1991-92 Marilyn Bloom Ottawa County
1992-93 Becky Hooper East District
1993-94 Evelyn Roediger Community Development
1994-95 Terri Clark Extension Administration
1995-96 Jill King Leadership Center
1996-97 Kathy Bulka Medina County
1997-98 Lee Ann Johnson East District
1998-99 Pat Myers Logan County
1999-00 Barbara Brackman South Centers at Piketon
2000-01 Karon Dellinger Franklin County
2001-02 Lee Ann Johnson East District (rejoined board to fill vacancy)
2002-04 Cheryl Engle Northwest District
2004-05 Peg Meents Hancock County
2005-06 Vickie Snyder South East Region
2006-07 Teresa Funk Ag & Natural Resources
2007-08 Carol Bunn West Region
2008-09 Carolyn Hall Extension Administration
2009-10 Kathryn Mohler Montgomery County
2010-12 Linda Newman Clark County
2012-13 Linda Good Miami County
2013-14 Patty Corfman West Region
2014-15 Marianne Guthrie Ross County
2015-16 Deb Delp Warren County
2016-17 Crystal Ott State 4-H
2017-18 Michelle Moon Carroll County
2018-19 Angie Keshock Columbiana County
2019-2022 Beth Young Butler County- extra years to fill vacancy
2022-23 Patty Corfman Operations Columbus