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CES Past Directors

C&B Changes to the Board

One of the largest changes made to the Constitution and Bylaws in 2019 was the elmination of Directors as part of the governing body of CES. With less numbers in membership, it was decided there were too many board positions and difficult to fill them all so it was voted on and approved to reduce the board to only 10 Officers. This page pays tribute to all those who graciously gave their time and talents to Chi Epsilon Sigma Director through the years.

Campus Directors/Central Region

1886-89 Betty Watkins, FCS Administration and Evelyn Roediger, Community Development
1989-90 Tina Evans C&T and Carol Poe, State 4-H
1990-91 Jacque Mueck, Entomology
1991-92 Jacque Mueck, Entomologyand Terri Harper, State 4-H
1992-93 Terri Harper, State  4-H and Michele Hobbs, Horticulture
1993-94 Ruby Anderson, State 4-H and Michele Hobbs, Entomology
1994-95 Ruby Anderson, State 4-H and Diane Malone, AgNR
1995-96 Diane Malone, AgNR and Evelyn Roediger, Community Development
1996-97 Evelyn Roediger, Community Development
1997-98 Michelle Edwards, FCSAdministration
1998-99 Dawn Allman, FCS Administration
1999-01 Liz Barringer-Smith, Community Development
2001-03 Karen Oberrath, Business Office
2003-05 Lisa Murphy, Business Office
2005-07 Kate Lobley, Leadership Center
2007-09 Lisa Jinks, State 4-H
2009-13 Terri Fisher, OSU Cares
2013-14 Amanda Rysz, FCS Admin
2014-15 Christine Benson, Business Office
2015-17 Ashley Gerber, Holmes County
2017-19 Vacant or eliminated?

Staff Advisory Council Director

Position created in 2002.  3-year term followed the schedule of the SAC
2002-05 Laurie Callan, Northwest District (resigned position)
2005-13 Teresa Funk, ANR
2013-16 Amanda Forquer, 4-H Youth Development
2016-19 Terri Fisher, Administration

Emeriti Director

1986-89 Miriam Bennett
1989-91 Mary Rae
1991-93 Ruth Keenan
1993-94 Miriam Bennett
1994-95 Betty Ward
1995-97 Irene Moore
1997-03 Marilyn Bloom
2003-05 Betty Ward
2005-07 Carol Wheeler
2007-11 Betty Ward
2011-15 Kathy Mohler
2015-19 Teresa Funk

Beginning in 2012, CES reverted to Regional representation.  At least three directors, each representing a region, are elected to serve 2-year terms.  Additional representatives may be added if membership numbers warrant  additional representation. 2012 to 2019 (2-Year Terms) the naming of these positions changed many times to reflect the reorganizations that happened within Extension. The data may not be 100% accurate.

Northeast Region

2011-12 Kaye Clay, Guernsey County
2012-16 Cathy Minor, Butler County
2016-18 Angie Keshock, Columbiana County
2018-19 Heather Keller, Harrison County

South Central Region ~ and back to Southeast Region

2011-12 Marianne Guthrie, Ross County Jenny Lindimore, Morgan County
2012-13 Marianne Guthrie, Ross County  
2013-15 Tami Combs, Highland County  
2015-16 Faye Wilson, Athens County  
2017-18 Marianne Guthrie, Ross County  
2018-19 Lee Ann Johnson, OSU Extension Operations Caldwell  

West Region

2011-12 Leah Meranda, Clermont County Ann Meyer, Putnam County
2012-13 Ann Meyer, Putnam County  
2013-15 Linda Good, Miami County  


2016-17 Tonya Adkins,  Office
2017 Carol Bottoms, West Region Office
2017-19 Carol Wagner, OSU Extension Operations


2016-19 Emily Cordes, Henry County



From 2009 through 2011, Directors were elected to represent EERAs. Nine directors each representing an EERA, were elected to 2-year terms.  Terms were staggered to allow for continuity.

Northeast Region

Crossroads   Erie Basin   Western Reserve
2009-10 Phyllis McMasters
Stark County
  2009-11 Joyce Hauke
Erie County
         2009-11 Carol Beatty
Trumball County

South Central Region

Buckeye Hills   Heart of Ohio   Ohio Valley
2009-11 Jenny Lindimore
Morgan County
  2009-11 Arlene Duffey
Madison County
  2009-10 Sally Bluck
Ross County
                  2010-11 Marianne Guthrie
Ross County

West Region

Maumee Valley   Miami Valley   Top of Ohio
2009-10 Linda Good
Miami County
  2009-11 Beth Young
Butler County
  2009-11 Marie Bouic
Union County
2010-11 Peg Meents
Hancock County
From 2004-2009, two Directors were elected from each of three regions. One is elected every even year and one is elected every odd year.

North Central Region Directors

Term ends in Even Year   Term ends in Odd Year
2004-06 Lisa Troyer, Center at Wooster   2004-07 Kathy Gamble, Knox County
2006-08 Rebecca Sloan, Ashland County   2007-09 Joyce Hauke, Erie County
2008-09 Lisa Grubb, Sandusky County      

Southeast Region Directors

Term ends in Even Year   Term ends in Odd Year
2004-06   Marsha Amlin, Center at Piketon          2004-05 Kaye Clay, Guernsey County
2006-08   Carla Buckler, Pike County   2005-07 Carla Wickham, Noble County
2008-09   Sally Bluck, Ross County   2007-09 Jenny Lindimore, Morgan County

West Region Directors

Term ends in Even Year   Term ends in Odd Year
2004-06   Karen Cole, Shelby County        2004-05 Linda Ferguson, Hardin County
2006-07   Kathy Mohler, Montgomery County   2005-06 Carolyn Hall, Center at Lima
moved to Vice President
2007-08   Deborah Delp, Warren County
moved to Mentor Coordinator
  2006-08 Mary Alice Shupp, Butler County
moved to Historian
2008-09   Marie Bouic, Union County   2008-09 Linda Good, Miami County 


From its inception until 2004, CES Directors served 2-year terms representing the membership of an OSU Extension District.

East District Director

1986-90 Jamie Nightingale, Jefferson County
1990-92 Betty Ward, Monroe County
1992-94 Kim Warner, Noble County
1994-95 Connie Racey, East District Office
moved to Membership Secretary after 1 year
1995-96 Kathy Gamble, Knox County
1996-98 Kim Sells, Fairfield County
1998-2000 Vickie Snyder, East District Office
2000-02 Dawn Ford, Belmont County
2002-04 Kaye Clay, Guernsey County
2004-05 (East District became part of South East Region)

Northeast District Director

1986-89 Dolores Koppes, Medina County
1989-91 Kathy Moritz, Northeast District Office
1991-93 Kathy Bulka, Medina County
1993-95 Evelyn Yocum, Mahoning County
1995-97 June Tilton, Richland County
1997-99 Kaye Diener, Ashland County
1999-2001 Karen Barnhart, Holmes County
2001-02 Sheri Matheny, Columbiana County
resigned before term completed
2002-03 Kathy Bulka, Medina County
2003-04 Evelyn Yocum, Mahoning County
moved to position of Vice President
2004-05 (Northeast District became part of North Central Region)

Northwest District Director

1986-87 Judy Baxter
1987-89 Dianne Montgomery, Marion County
1989-91 Betty Kidd, Putnam County
1991-92 Phyllis Richards, Northwest District Office
1992-94 Linda Helmke, Defiance County
resigned, position left vacant
1994-96 Kay Collins, Sandusky County
1996-98 Carol Bunn, Northwest District Office
1998-2000 Sheri Decant, Lucas County
resigned before term completed, position left vacant
2000-02 Gail Ritzler, Lucas County
2002-03 Pam Assenheimer, Wyandot County
resigned after one year of her term
2003-04 Linda Ferguson, Hardin County
2004-05 (Northwest District became part of West Region)

South District Director

1986-89 Barbara Leach, Jackson County
1989-92 Nancy Hawk, Athens County
1992-94 Pam Barrett, Highland County
1994-96 Barbara Brackman, South Centers at Piketon
1996-98 Shirley Unger, Adams County
1998-2000 Sheila Blevins, Scioto County
2000-02 Monica Jones, Fayette County
2002-04 Cindy Lewis, South Centers at Piketon
2004-05 (South District became part of the South East Region)

Southwest District Director

1986-89 Vickie Miller, Southwest District Office
1989-91 Terri Clark, Southwest District Office
1991-93 Karen Cole, Shelby County
1993-95 Pat Myers, Logan County
1995-97 Karon Dellinger, Franklin County
1997-99 Winnie Brelsford, Champaign County
1999-2001 Mary Alice Shupp, Butler County
2001-03 Pat Myers, Logan County
2003-04 (Southwest District became part of the West Region)