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CES History

  • The “A” in the center signifies the Alpha (first) Chapter.
  • The circle is endless which signifies the endless number of friends you will make in this organization.
  • The Greek letters XES represent the 3 L’s ~ “Life, Loyalty, & Learning.”
  • The leaves signify personal growth.
  • The ruby stone at the top of the circle distinguishes a charter member.

CES History ~ Through the Years Slideshow

Through the Years was developed by CES Past President Vickie Snyder for the CES Annual Meeting in 2008. Rich with photos and memories of the organization organized by year, this video is still a favorite with our membership.

Charter Member List

What is Chi Epsilon Sigma?

This presentation was initially made to University of Kentucky support staff in 1998 by President Lee Ann Johnson as they became interested in forming a chapter of Chi Epsilon Sigma.


 Dorothy Rex, Micki Daniels, Marilyn Bloom, Becky Hooper, Irene Moore and Jacqueline Mueck (seated)



Chi Epsilon Sigma
Memories and Milestones

Founded in 1986 at Ohio State University Extension, the Alpha Chapter premiered as the first professional association for support staff and program assistants within Extension and was patterned after Epsilon Sigma Phi.

From the beginning, support staff members have served as the back bone of Extension. They are the strong, sturdy foundation that allows fellow Extension professionals to develop and conduct educational programs, reach clients and impact the citizens of Ohio. Support staff members are in a unique position to build the personal client relationships and connections that strengthen Extension. They will continue this wonderful tradition of relationship building and professionalism into Extension’s future.


1987 first installation of officers: Irene Moore, Dorothy Rex, Becky Hooper, Clarence Cunningham.



CES Beginnings

The roots of Chi Epsilon Sigma began in the fertile minds of Marilyn Bloom, Ottawa County; Micki Daniels, Administration; Becky Hooper, East District; Irene Moore, Ashland County; Jacqueline Mueck, Entomology; and Dorothy Rex, Knox County.

These ladies had a vision for the future and the know how to build a strong foundation. The idea for the support staff fraternity emerged in early 1986. By the end of that year, J. Michael Sprott, OSU Extension Director, gave the initial approval for the group. By April 1987, Director Sprott was sending statewide correspondence to all Extension Chairs that the fraternity had been established.

The initial meeting of Chi Epsilon Sigma was held at the Radisson Hotel on October 21, 1987. It was a breakfast meeting held during the annual support staff conference. Dr. Clarence Cunningham, Associate Director, installed the initial officers.

Strong support from administration was essential to this fledgling organization, and continues to provide guidance to this association. Dr. Keith Smith, Director of Extension Emeritus, was an advocate for CES since its early days and worked closely with our founding members. We look forward to the continued support of Extension Administration.

Past Presidents celebrate 20 years of CES at 2006 Annual Meeting.

Pat Myers, Vickie Snyder, Cheryl Engle, Dorothy Rex, Jill King, Irene Moore, Becky Hooper, Teresa Funk and Lee Ann Johnson


Past Presidents celebrate 10 years of CES at 1996 Annual Meeting: Pat Myers, Vickie Snyder, Cheryl Engle, Dorothy Rex, Jill King, Irene Moore, Becky Hooper, Teresa Funk, Lee Ann Johnson

Looking Forward

Chi Epsilon Sigma is excited to look toward the future and continue to support and advocate for fellow support staff. Extension administration looks to CES for input regarding not only support staff issues and concerns, but also regarding ways to enhance Extension’s service to Ohio citizens.

This brief history of Chi Epsilon Sigma was developed at the request of the editorial team for the Memories and Milestones of OSU Extension 1905-2013.