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The Extension and Research Support Staff Association (TERSSA) is currently comprised of support staff in several states namely Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina and West Virginia. This group came together in July 2007 and began working toward a common goal. We hope to eventually include states throughout the nation and possibly the world. Any support staff employed by an Extension or Research organization in any state is eligible to become a member of this growing Association. The basis on which this Association was formed is to improve the lives and careers of members by providing one voice to improve the development of Extension and Research across the nation through professional recognition, networking with states, administration advocacy, and professional and personal improvement.

2022 Executive Board: Becky Castello, NC, President; Faye Wilson, OH, President Elect; Cheryl Duplechain, LA, Membership Secretary; Cathy James, NC, Treasurer; Karen Bixler, AL, Recording Secretary; Sandra Walton, AL, Webmaster; Christine Barrier, NC, Annalist; Christina Byrd, OH, Past President

2020 TERSSA Officers

2020 Executive Board: (Left to Right) Michelle Kasey, NC, President; Christina Byrd, OH, President Elect (2021); Mary Baronet, LA, Membership Secretary; Cathy James, NC, Treasurer; Becky Castello, NC, Webmaster;  Christine Barrier, NC, Annalist; Adriane Wilbanks, MS, Advisor/Immediate Past President Not Pictured: Jeanine Gaul, NC, Recording Secretary


2019 TERSSA Officers

2019 Executive Board: (Left to Right) Adrian Wilbanks, MS, President; Michelle Kasey, NC, Vice-President; Christina Byrd, OH, Membership Secretary; Cathy James, NC, Treasurer; Karen Bixler, AL, Recording Secretary; Becky Castello, NC, Webmaster; Christine Barrier, NC, Annalist; Cheryl Duplechain, LA, Advisor/Immediate Past President


2018 TERSSA Officers

2018 Executive Board: Cheryl Duplechain, LA, President; Deb Delp, OH, Recording Secretary; Anita Wright, NC, Membership Secretary; Becky Castello, NC, Webmaster; Adrian Wilbanks, MS, Vice President; Glenda Jenkins, MS, Treasurer; Christine Barrier, NC, MS Advisor/Immediate Past President

2017 TERSSA  Executive Board

2016-2017 TERSSA Executive Board (L to R)
Danielle Bayham (Standing in for Cheryl Duplechain) LA,Vice President;
Anita Wright, NC, Membership Secretary;
Glenda Jenkins, MS, Treasurer;
Sandra Walton, AL, Webmaster;
Carmen Boswell, NC, Recording Secretary;
Christine Barrier, NC,President;
Linda Good, OH, Past President.


2016 TERSSA Executive Board

(left to right)

2016 TERSSA President: Linda Good, OH
Vice President: Christine Barrier, NC
Recording Secretary: Sandra Walton standing in for Karen Bixler, AL
Membership Secretary: Joycie Wilson, MS
Webmaster: Patty Corfman, OH
Treasurer: Glenda Jenkins, MS



2015 TERSSA Executive Board
(left to right)
Webmaster: Sandra Walton, AL
2015 TERSSA President: Lisa Dudley, MS
Membership Secretary: Karen Bixler, AL
Vice President: Linda Good, OH
Recording Secretary: Christine Barrier, NC
Treasurer: Glenda Jenkins, MS



President: Danielle Donahue Bayham, Louisiana
President-Elect: Lisa Dudley, Mississippi
Recording Secretary: Christine Barrier, North Carolina
Membership Secretary: Glenda Jackson, Mississippi
Treasurer: Brenda Sue Milner, Mississippi
Webmaster: Sandra Walton, Alabama
Immidiate Past President: Debby King, North Carolina