Newsletter/Brochure or Flyer Contest

For those of you with a creative bent, enter some of your favorite pieces in the Newsletter/Brochure or Flyer Contest.

The contest recognizes excellence in layout and production. Entries must be produced by July 1 of last year through June 30 of the current year to be eligible for the competition. A completed entry form along with a one-page description, must accompany each entry. Entries must be postmarked by December 21st. Entries are evaluated for layout, placement, treatment of graphics, printing and use of color. Additional criteria for webpages include: organization to speed retrieval of information, links, and special effects (animation) used. Submit up to three issues of a newsletter or flyer/brochure printed original, directed to a specific audience (in-house or external). Material may be educational, informational, or promotional; typeset or typewritten and photocopied or offset printed. Any outside agency work on the entry must be acknowledged and it must be minimal.

Application Deadline: December 21

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is eligible to enter?
A. CES members are eligible who have paid current annual dues.
Q. Can teams enter?
A. Yes, more than one person can enter a single entry as a team.
Q. How are winners recognized?
A. Plaques will be presented at the CES Annual Membership Meeting in December. If you make the request on the entry, one supervisor will also be notified of your accomplishment.
Q. Who are the judges?
A. The Department of Communications & Technology.
Q. Will I get my entry back?
A. All entries will be retained by CES. It is hoped the winning entries will be on display at the Annual Conference in December.
Congratulations to all our current and previous winners
Year Category Name Location
2000 Brochure Kay Collins Sandusky County
  Newsletter MichellePutthoff Consumer & Textile Sciences
2001 Brochure Michele Bird Paulding County
  Newsletter Vicky Steele Paulding County
2002 Brochure Peg Meents Hancock County
  Newsletter Brenda Snyder Logan County
2003 Brochure Becky Hooper East District
  Newsletter Vickie Snyder East District
2004 Brochure Tammy Shepherd Scioto County
  Newsletter Susan Trizna Huron County
2005 Newsletter Vicki Myers North Central Region
  Webpage Veronica Wilcox Vinton County
2006 Brochure Jamie Weiner Administration
  Newsletter Cheryl Engle  
  Webpage Lee Ann Johnson South East Center
2007 Brochure  Kelly Nicholas Portage County
  Newsletter Joy Bodner Guernsey County
  Webpage Darlene May& Kelly Nicholas Portage County
2008 Brochure, Newsletter and Webpage Sally Bluck Ross County
2009 Newsletter Sheila Blevins Scioto County
2010 Brochure, Newsletter and Webpage Tina Dendinger Erie County
2011 Brochure and Newsletter Michelle Key Cuyahoga County
  Webpage Lee Ann Johnson South Central Region
2012 Brochure Leah Meranda Clermont County
2013 Brochure Crystal Ott 4-H Youth Development
  Newsletter Julie Evans Pike County
2014 Newsletter Julie Evans Pike County
  Newsletter Krista Rose Clermont County
2015 Webpage Joy Bodner Guernsey County
  Brochure Julie Evans Pike County
  Newsletter Charissa Gardner South Center
2016 Brochure Marcy Payne-Lavigne FCS Admin
  Newsletter Jennifer Lindimore Morgan County
2017 Newsletter Julie Evans Pike County
  Brochure Julie Evans Pike County
2018 Newsletter Julie Evans Pike County
  Brochure Julie Evans Pike County