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Meeting dates: February 21, April 4, May TBD Professional Development Sessions, June 20, August 22, October 24, November 14
December 4-6 Tentative Annual Conference, Annual Meeting to be one of these dates
-- all CES Board Meetings will be 10 - 11 AM

2022 CES emblem
Chi Epsilon Sigma Constitution and Bylaws

Standing Rules

Founded in 1986 at Ohio State University Extension, the Alpha Chapter premiered as the first professional association for support staff and program assistants within Extension and was patterned after Epsilon Sigma Phi. Chi Epsilon Sigma's emblem symbolizes the three L's: Life, Loyalty and Learning. The circle is endless, which signifies the endless number of friends you will make in this organization.


CES Purpose

The purpose of this Fraternity shall be to maintain the standards and ideals, uphold the morale, prestige and respect of Ohio State University Extension Support Staff, to develop an effective working relationship and a spirit of fraternal fellowship among the present and emeriti employees of Ohio State University Extension and to encourage professionalism within Extension.

2023 CES Officers
L-R: Patty Corfman, Past President; Faye Wilson, VP; Beth Young, Support Staff Liaison; Teresa Funk, SAC Liaison; Chris Comden, Treasurer; Paige Matney, Membership Secretary; Christina Byrd, President; Vickie Snyder, Historian- absent: Ashely Gerber, Annalist and Katie Gorrell, Secretary

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